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I love to travel and I love to eat. When I get to do both I’m a very happy girl. One of the best tips I was ever given as a travel blogger is to eat local.

You may be asking what that means. Well simply put ask the locals where the best place is to eat. I can guarantee that they will not only point you to some of the best places to eat but the food will be beyond amazing. 

On my recent trip to New York I started my survey of the locals to find some of their favorite places to eat. The top four places that kept coming up were the ones I tried out over the week I was there. 

1. Guy’s American Kitchen & Bar ~ Located right in the heart of Times Square Guy’s restaurant is full of life and flavor. The atmosphere is fun and the staff is great. The prices are a little high but if you are on vacation and want to try something new and fun I say go for it. We went strictly for the dessert that the locals were talking about. I of course could not resist the double chocolate layer cake. OMG it was beyond amazing. 

2. 225 Bistro Oliva ~ This place is so good. They have a wide range of food and service was top notch. They serve a little of everything. There was pizza, burgers, paninis, sushi, and mexican.  I had one of the best grilled veggie quesadilla ever. 

3. Juniors Cheesecake ~ I think every New Yorker I asked pointed us in the direction of Juniors Cheesecake. Said to have the best ever cheesecake I had to find out. I arrived to a 30 minute wait which meant it was a very popular place. After being seated and ordering I now know why. This place is so good. The cheesecake comes in so many varieties you can’t even begin to choose. SO I went with the classic and let’s just say I need more Juniors in my life like now. 

4. Johnny Rockets ~  I admit I have eaten at several Johnny Rockets in my travels and they never disappoint. The atmosphere is old diner/drive-in feel. The food is good old fashion all American and yes the fries are served with a smile. I was of course in love with this place from get go.

Have you ever been to New York? Where was your favorite place to eat?

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