RockAbye Plush Rockers “The Cutest Things Ever”

When you think of a rocking horse you think a family heirloom. A toy that has been passed down for years. but what if that rocking horse was actually a carriage or better yet a motorcycle. With Rockabye, they put a new twist on what a rocking toy can be.


The Rockabye Plush Rocker

When I went in search of a cute rocking toy for my niece I never imagine I would discover the Rockabye. After searching yard sales and thrift shops, I had about given up on finding a rocking horse that my niece would love. After all, my son loved his as a child and I know there are pictures somewhere of me on a rocking horse.  But locating one for my niece was beginning to look like a dead-end then I discovered Rockabye.

Rockabye is amazing. Not only are their rockers high quality but they a freaking adorable. I had no clue that when I start looking through their website I would encounter so many cute plush rockers. The best part was that I found one that was not only cute but fit my niece’s personality.


What I Like About Rockabye

How do I like the Rockabye let me count thy ways? First I like the soft plush feel and that it has a back so when baby gets tired they can lean back without falling off. Second, there is the music aspect. Yes, I said music there are these different shape buttons that when pressed places songs. From ABC’s to colors of a rainbow. Plus the rockers are hand-crafted from the finest American maple hardwood. Which is something else that I like? These rockers are made here in America yes 100% made in the USA. Not to mention they have a ton of choices from a horse and carriage for your little princess to a motorcycle for your little man. You have to check them all out HERE.


Things I didn’t Like

I can honestly say that the only 2 things I could find wrong with this toy were.  One being made of plush fabric you can only be sponged clean which may lead to it getting dirty as the years pass.  The second was that the songs that play on repeat could be annoying after hours of play.  Both of these are minor but need to be addressed.


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Disclaimer: I received a free Rockabye plush rocker to facilitate my review. However, the pure joy of my niece riding one is 100% our as are my words and opinions.

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    • They are the cutest things. Plus they play cute learning songs.

  1. This is the cutest little rocker I have ever seen. My goodness how toys have improved over the years. I don’t mind the repeat play of the songs and I’d just wipe it off regardless of the fabric. I can totally see a little one loving this as a favorite toy.

    • Both my nieces love them. I like that they can each have a different one to match their personality.

  2. Catherine Sargent says:

    That is such a cute rocker. This would make a great gift for my new great nephew.

  3. loisaltermark says:

    That just may be the cutest thing ever! I would have bought that in a second for my kids when they were little!

    • Yes, my son keeps saying it’s unfair that he didn’t have one as a kid.

  4. That is a super cute rocker! And a cute little niece you have too! I had a rocking horse and loved it dearly!

    • aw thank you. I think she is pretty adorable too. Plus the rocking toy is amazing.

  5. Melanie Walsh says:

    My nephew has one of those, and you’re right! They are the cutest thing ever! I love the classic toy being reinvented and made more adorable. I’ll keep this in mind for future baby showers.

    • They are the cutest. I like that they fit the kids personalty. Like one of my nieces has a princess carriage while this cutie had the worm.

  6. Mandy @ A Cupful of Carters says:

    This is such an amazing looking rocker! My kids would have loved one like this.

    • Mine too. He keeps asking why he didn’t have one as a kid. My only reply is mamma didn’t know about them back then.

  7. I don’t remember having a rocking horse as a child, but these are so darn cute. If I only I had a little one to buy one for since my grown-up sons are bit too big for it.

    • LOL…yep the joys of growing kids. They make great gifts for future grand babies.

  8. Milena Barrett says:

    I didn’t have a rocking horse as a child, but my boys did! These are great to get the wiggles out when mom and dad just want to sit and baby can play!

    • That is true. The kid gets to have fun and parents can relax.

  9. Yeah. That might be a little hard to clean. Don’t you just hate the ongoing sane songs that play all day long over and over again. The babies love it though. Awww. It’s cute.

    • The kids love it. Plus they are a great way fro kids to learn.

  10. This is so cute! My kids had one similar when they were little and loved it. I liked that it was soft all over, as a nervous first time Mom I liked the extra cushion for any falls kids have.

    • Very true. These are great as they have a back to them so kids are less likely to fall off.

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