A New Way to Manage Your Health Care

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Manage Your Health Care

What if I told you there was an easier way to manage your health care? What if I told you there was a way to help understand and take the stress out of dealing with insurance?  Would you be interested?

A few days ago I sat down on a conference call with Fairos to discuss such a thing.


Fairos is a brand-new startup looking to change what’s broken about medical insurance. Their team has been working with large companies to help their employees get the cheapest rates and the highest quality care for years. In that process they realized that no one paying more for insurance than individuals like us. They believe that is wrong, and plan to do something about it.
“Big medical” has created a maze of complexity for the patient experience, including high premiums and medical bills that are intentionally confusing. Fairos plans to fight against that and hopes to see millions of people receiving the medical care they need without the crippling and confusing effects of high medical costs.
Manage Your Health Care

A New Way to Manage Your Health Care

As a woman who has been in and out of the hospital many times over the last 28 years, I for one am all for a change fro the better. Diagnosed many years ago with MS my healthcare has been a long-term process.  Understanding insurance and co-pays has never been my strongest asset and making sure everyone is on the same page can be hard.

For instant recently I went to see a new doctor for my MS. Because he was new I had to go through a lot hassle getting things approved by my insurance. then when he ordered a series of test to see where I was in terms to the previous test it was another long process of calling the insurance company getting things approved making sure both my insurance and supplement insurance were all on the same page. It was time-consuming, confusing and frankly frustrating.

Not to mention when the bills came rolling in I felt really overwhelmed.

Manage Your Health Care

What Fairos Has to Offer

I don’t know about you but being overwhelmed by medical bills and insurance talk, in general, is what makes me sometimes think twice about going to the doctor. This is why I feel Fairos is going to make a big impact on how people deal with health care.

With services like.

Bill Negotiation. Where the Fairos team will negotiate with the insurance company on your behalf to determine what savings are possible, and where there are opportunities to reduce your overall costs.

TeleHealth. This will allow you to complete non-acute appointments with a doctor via email, phone, or video call.

Care-Coordination. A service that can help establish the right schedule for your journey, follow up appointments with your doctor, physical/occupational therapist post-hospitalization.

How nice would it be to have an advocate that will be on your side to help you and be there to help fight some of the battles that you don’t want to fight? Someone to help coordinate meds, visits, and more so you can focus on getting better. And also being able to talk to a doctor without having to leave the house.

I know for me having someone to help me negotiate billing would have been huge not only in saving time but in saving money.

Would you love to use these features and others?

Take this survey so you have some input into what new product offerings Fairos is working on.

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A New Way to Manage Your Health Care

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