A Little Vacation

Well I uploaded all the photos I took only to realize there were about 441 photos no way to post them all so going to try to organized them according to parks and stuff and try to share a few at a time. so here goes with the first couple.
Here is little man hanging with the toy soldiers out front of the new Woody ride in Hollywood studios. Seems the soldier has a huge fan group the kids adore them. They are very funny green men.


Here is Little man enjoying a soda at the drive-in at the Sci-Fi restaurant. He was glued to the movie screen watching old black and white alien movies it was a total hoot especially because Mom remembered when she did this as a teenager so it was a great trip down memory lane for her.


Little Man and Cinderella enjoying their time at the ball.


Here is Step Mother trying to convince Little man and his uncles that they really do want to marry the step sisters after all they are eligible for marriage..hehe
Tigger hanging out with us his was so bouncy and happy.


Little Man creating music at Figment’s imagination lab.


Donald and little man discussing dinner plans and what to put on the menu.


Future American Idol or so he thinks but it was a fun time watching the contest’s perform.


Cinderella castle at night it changes colors and is the most beautiful thing ever to see.


Best part is the fireworks every night.
okay so there is a few glimpse into vacation I will post more as I get things more organized in the meantime enjoy. Now off to go visiting hope you have cookies and milk ready..HUGS

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  1. Oh How I love Disney World!! Can't wait to see more pics!! 🙂

  2. It looks like you had the most amazing time… its just always so awful to return home after a holiday.

  3. @Jewels he had a great time really enjoyed it more this year then any other time but was exhausted by end of week

    @Bubbles it was hard getting back into routine but we are getting there

    @Becky me too loved it and working on the pics

  4. Disney just never gets old! I love it. I can't believe how he is smiling in every single picture. By the end of our vacation we're always making horrible faces in pictures because we just want to enjoy ourselves and mom/dad always wanted to take pictures. haha. What a great kid. SO glad you enjoyed yourselves.

  5. Great pics! Can't wait for the second episode.
    Still trying to fix your brothers up eh? Come on… Cinderella's step sisters??? LOL!

  6. David Allen Waters says:

    these look awesome…what a great time.


  7. paulsifer42 says:

    When my wife and I were married a year we went to Disneyland and Universal studios. Now I'm really excited to go with our little girl (when she gets old enough of course). Looks like you had a great time.

  8. I'm totally going to spam you and comment on all the posts I missed while I was in my funk.

  9. Love the green Army man. The girls play the video game with them all the time. Looks like you guys had a blast. Sooo jealous I am!!

    Hugs & ♥

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