Learning To Be Confident From Captain Marvel

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of Captain Marvel to help facilitate this post. All opinions are my own.

Captain Marvel is available now everywhere movies are sold which is awesome because Captain Marvel is one of my new favorite movies. I love how fierce she is and how she is teaching girls and women of all ages to own their voice.

As a woman who has worked hard to make the world realize that having mobility issues doesn’t devalue me. In Fact, it makes me a stronger more capable woman. I love having a role model like Captain Marvel it brings me much joy and hopes that we will see more strong women in lead roles.

There have been times through this movie that I would just shake my head because of something that was said. To many time people make statements not realizing how they affect others. We as woman need not give into these statements or repeat them to other women.

Learning To Be Confident From Captain Marvel

You’re going too fast. You need to go slow.

If you have people in your life slowing you down or rushing you when you feel otherwise then distance yourself. No one has the right to tell you how fast or slow you should be going. Only you can determine the speed or the places in which you need to go.

Learning To Be Confident From Captain Marvel

You don’t belong here.

I have had many people tell me over the years where I do and don’t belong. They look at my disability not at me. I have to tell them I belong where I feel I belong. So do you. No one has the right to tell where you belong because that is up to you. You belong anywhere you feel you should be and anywhere that makes you happy and comfortable.

Learning To Be Confident From Captain Marvel

You’re weak, flawed. You’re only human

Yes we are human and yes we may be flawed but we are not weak. As a woman with mobility issues, I may be flawed and very much human but I am anything but weak. when you are faced with a disability or challenge daily you become string. You learn a way to overcome and move forward. So even if you are slightly broken you are most definitely not weak.

Learning To Be Confident From Captain Marvel

Free Activity Button

to help celebrate the release of Captain Marvel and girl power here is a fun free activity you can do with your super hero. Simply click the link or on the picture fur a free download.

Captain Marvel Available on digital and Blue-ray everywhere NOW!!!

Learning To Be Confident From Captain Marvel

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