Join Disney’s The Lion King “Protect the Pride” Campaign

Disclaimer: I received free tickets to spend the day in the animal kingdom. However, all opinions and love of lions are my own.

Have you seen the live-action Disney’s The Lion King movie yet? No, well don’t worry I won’t spoil it for you in fact before we talk about the movie can we talk about something even more important? Lions?

Did you know that in the 25 years since Disney released the original version of The Lion King, Africa’s lion population has been halved due to a variety of threats that include poaching and destruction of habitats? Yep, only about 20,000 lions remain in the wild. This was heartbreaking to hear.

Disney's The Lion King “Protect the Pride” Campaign

Lions are a majestic creature. When I see lions I can’t help but think of Mufasa and the knowledge he passed on to Simba. Wisdom like that of the Circle of Life.

However, research has shown their numbers can be strengthened by adequately protecting the habitats they share with people and other African wildlife, in addition to protecting the lions themselves. During my visit to the Animal Kingdom, I learned that Disney has launched The Lion King “Protect the Pride” campaign in conjunction with the Wildlife Conservation Network’s Lion Recovery Fund in an effort to double the lion population by 2050. By protecting lions, we are also protecting the health and well-being of the savanna, wildlife, and communities who live alongside them.

How Can You Help Protect The Pride

If like me you are asking yourself how can I help Protect the Pride well that’s the easy part. One of the biggest ways you can help is by using your social media influence to get the word out about Disney’s The Lion King “Protect the Pride” Campaign. By simpling using the #ProtectThePride you can get the word out about this campaign.

You can even purchase 1 of the 40,000 Special Edition Simba and Nala plush lions that are available at Disney stores across the globe. Each of the 40,000 plush represents one of the lions Disney and the Lion Recovery Fund are working to ensure a future for.  Others ways you can help can be found at The Lion recovery Fund.

Disney's The Lion King “Protect the Pride” Campaign

Disney’s The Lion King

Now you may remember I told you early we would come back to my thoughts on The Lion King live-action well I was captivated by it. I admit going in I thought the remake would be a different take on the original but I need not worry. The story I loved 25 years ago was still there just in stunning live-action. Like any great Disney ride, this movie took me on a roller coaster of highs and lows. I was left in an emotional puddle and f you are worried about seeing it my advice is Hakuna Matata.

Follow The Lion King, Disney Conservation Fund, and the Lion Recovery Fund on social media to stay up to date on #TheLionKing #ProtectThePride campaign and share information with your friends and family about how they can help Protect the Pride. 

Instagram: @Disney | @LionKing @LionRecovery | @WildNetOrg 

Twitter: @Disney | @DisneyLionKing @LionRecovery | @WildNetOrg 

Find them on Facebook! Hashtags: #TheLionKing #ProtectThePride 

Disney's The Lion King “Protect the Pride” Campaign

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  1. I love how Disney is doing bringing awareness and doing something to help the animals.

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