I Am Excited To Introduce Gut Connection From Country Life

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Can we talk Moms? I mean really talk like about our tummies and such. I don’t know about you but there are days when I feel just yucky. It would make senses as moms we rarely take time for our self. We are usually too busy being taxi driver, chef, tutor, nurse referee and many other jobs that are let’s face are exhausting.

So it would make perfectly good sense that our tummies get overlooked as we woof down cold toast running out the door for school or football practice. this leaves us feeling less than our best. Did you know? An unbalanced gut microbiome is a major problem that may lead to bloating, digestive discomfort, and irregular bowel movements.

Gut Connection From Country Life

Which is why I am excited to share with you Gut Connection from Country Life A totally new way to help our tummies feel so much better.

Just the Facts about Gut Connection From Country Life

When I started researching Country Life to find who they were the first thing that popped out at me was that they had been in business for 40 years. That’s a long time to be around. As I dug deeper I found that they believe in quality and integrity which mean every product released is of the highest quality I that because I’m worth the good stuff.

Along with using only the best quality product they believe in a gut to body connection. Meaning if your tummy is feeling good you feel good.

Gut Connection From Country Life

My Thoughts on Gut Connection

As a mom who eats 75% of her meals while on the road I was excited to try Gut Connection From Country Life. Because I eat on the run I tend to suffer from bloating and tummy discomfort. Since starting on Gut Connection from Country Life I have noticed a huge decrease in my discomfort, in fact, I feel better and so does my tummy.

I believe it’s the whole food fermentate prebiotic that feeds my existing probiotics in my tummy that is helping me. Along with drinking more water and getting more rest. I am really excited to have found this product and that I get to share it with all of you.

Gut Connection From Country Life

Where to purchase Gut Connection

Gut Connection by Country Life is available to purchase at Sprouts, The Vitamin Shoppe, Natural Grocers Vitamin Cottage, and Amazon, and will soon be coming to other natural health food stores. To find Gut Connection by Country Life in your area, visit countrylifevitamins.com/where-to-buy for the full list of locations.

Gut Connection From Country Life

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