A Foodies Guide to Disney Wonder #DisneySMMC

My son and I are self-proclaimed foodies. that means we love to eat and do a lot of it when we travel. We love to try everything and anything. We want to eat where the locals do and eat how the locals eat. So when I got the chance to set sail on the Disney Wonder this past February I was so excited to check out all the yummy food and boy did I.

The Disney Wonder has a fun rotational dining experience where you eat at a different themed restaurant each night. Your wait staff and dining time stay the same, but you’re in a new location. Your key card and cruise navigator app will keep you on track. I only took a 3-day cruise so I’m not sure how different a 7-day cruise is, but I’m sure it’s pretty similar. Our cruise was with the Disney Social Media Moms Celebration. We got our own menus for a few events, but the overall experience was the same as anyone else would get!


On the Disney Wonder I ate in 3 different dining locations: Tiana’s Place, Tritons, and The Animators Palate.

Walk with me as we talk food.

Tiana’s Place


As someone who has always wanted to go to New Orleans, I was so excited to eat here. This place is a New Orleans style restaurant inspired by The Princess and the Frog. They offer everything you would expect in a New Orleans style restaurant: beignets, gumbo, boudin balls, and even shrimp & grits. Did I mention beignets?


This dining experience is everything you would a New Orleans restaurant would have. From jazz music playing to natively dressed waiters.  Plus a few surprise like Tiana herself and her friend Louie who stop in to say hi. Oh and don’t leave early or may miss the dance party and yes beads too.



Now let me say the food was AMAZING!! It was everything and the Beignets. Oh, me seriously they were so good. Deep fried goodness with lots of sugar and the chocolate dipping sauce was heaven.  The appetizers and main course were delicious too but I am a girl who loves her dessert.



Triton’s is little more upscale.  they don’t ask you to dress up when you see the place you feel like you should I mean after all you are dining at Triton’s Palace.  The decor is beautiful you truly feel you have entered an underwater dining room.


The food is just as impressive as the decor and the atmosphere you feel.



The steak here was cooked perfectly because after all, you wouldn’t want to order fish and the creme brulee is to die for.  All I can say if this is how they cook at the palace I am not sure why Ariel would have wanted to leave because I sure didn’t want to.

Animator’s Palate


This restaurant is all about putting you in the heart of an animators studio. You get to see drawings come to life from scratch. My favorite part was trying to out guess my mom as to what or who each drawing was as it was sketched out on the screens.


I must say of all the dining experiences this was the most fun. Kids and adults both will love this restaurant. I know if my son had gotten to go this would have been his favorite. Plus the food is mouth-watering good. As I write this post I am craving their chocolate cake with caramel sauce. Foodies


As far as the Disney Cruise food goes, the Disney Wonder is where it’s at!  I was thoroughly impressed with the quality of the food, restaurant service, and the dining experiences as a whole. The rotational dining is truly a unique idea that I’ve never seen before. If you’re worried at all about Disney Cruise food – don’t be!  Don’t forget – Disney has award-winning chefs on these ships and offers extensive training for the chefs and staff. You cannot get an experience better than this one.

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  1. All of the food looks great. I’ve never been on a cruise but have been talking recently about taking one. I’ve had a bit of a fear of water(I don’t even like to go over bridges) but I’ve been working on letting go of that fear so I can experience more things. I’ve also always wanted to go to New Orleans and love Cajun food so I think I would enjoy Tiana’s place.

    • It was the best time ever. Plus the food was so good. You definitely need to take a cruise they are amazing.

  2. Ooohhh……Tritons Place looks lovely! I have never been on a cruise but I want to so badly! Disney just does everything top notch, don’t they? Glad you and your son had fun!

  3. Those all look like great places to eat! Eating at new places is at the top of my to-do list whenever I travel, too 🙂 I’d love to try Tiana’s Place.

    • It’s so much fun and so good to eat in new places and new towns.

  4. Milena Barrett says:

    The food at Disney and on their ships always get a of of buzz. These look like great places with amazing cuisine!

  5. Oh wow Tiana’s place looks just like it did in the movie. I love that! Whenever I have gone to Disneyland I am always so into the rides and fun that the food is an afterthought, but I need to focus more on the different tastes that are there!

    • We love goign to disney and just eating our way through the park sometimes.

  6. ashley morales says:

    This looks like tons of fun, i would love to go!! I have never been on a cruise!

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