Enjoying The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort

Disclaimer: I received a 2 nights complimentary stay to help facilitate this post. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Travel, journey, voyage, trek, sightseeing, all these words instill happiness and joy in me. But to those around me, they can instill fear for how does a woman with MS travel when the daily task can be difficult? The answer preparation, planning and a whole lot of fearlessness.

Enjoying The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort

Visiting St. Simons Island

St. Simons Island is a beautiful place rich in history, oozing with southern charm and exquisite beauty it is the perfect place for a girl’s weekend getaway. Located on the coast of Georgia St Simons Island is the furthest westernmost island on the eastern seaboard/east coast. Pretty awesome right?

Enjoying The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort

The King And Prince Resort

The weekend was all about girl bonding. Mom and I headed out early Tuesday morning in hopes of beating the traffic on I-95. We arrived at the resort just before 11 AM. We were greeted with warm hospitality and checked in quickly. Our room wasn’t yet ready which allowed me time to explore the resort.

The resort host immediately offered up some wonderful suggestions on things to see and do on the island including captivating me with the story of tree spirits. Now you all know how much I love fairy tales and such so this had my attention immediately.

I will most definitely tell you about the tree spirits in another post but today I want to focus on the resort itself as it has so many wonderful things to offer.

Enjoying The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort

The Resort

Upon arriving at the resort I was stunned by its beauty. Being one of the only resorts that sit on the coastline the view of the beach is exquisite. Walking into the resort lobby the decor and atmosphere are so welcoming. Originally opened in 1935 as a seaside dance club The King and Prince Resort would in 1941 to the public as a hotel.

Enjoying The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort

The history of this beautiful resort is fascinating from being a naval coast-watching and training facility during World War II to the resort it is today is very interesting. You can read about it HERE!!

Along with its rich history is all the amenities they offer most of which I took full advantage of. Not only did I enjoy working from the lobby with its beautiful fireplace but I enjoyed some time relaxing by the pool and on the deck watching the ocean waves.

Enjoying The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort

I also enjoyed taking morning walks on the beach to watch the sunrise over the horizon.

The Room

The rooms here at the resort are beautiful. When I was invited up I made sure to discuss with the resort my mobility issues and what I would require. They were so amazing in how well they accommodated my MS.

Enjoying The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort

I received a room on the first floor so I didn’t have to tackle the stairs or elevator after a fun day of sightseeing. Plus I have a huge room and a bathroom equipped with all the necessary things I would need like a walk in shower and safety bars. Oh, and I had a beautiful ocean view.

Enjoying The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort

My room was stunning and it came with a coffee maker, fridge and tea score!!! It also had the best view of the ocean I was able to sit on my private patio and enjoy an evening cuppa and just relax and get myself together.

Enjoying The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort


Okay, I have to talk about food. As a self-proclaimed foodie, I was so excited to eat at ECHO. We started our weekend off with some room service as after sightseeing and driving we were both tired. We had a delicious fruit and cheese platter waiting for us when we arrived at our room. It was so good. With a mix of cheese fresh and dried fruit and nuts. Plus it had this amazing spread that was a combo of pimento cheese and hummus.

Enjoying The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort

Breakfasts were so mouthwatering. The chefs really know how to serve up a breakfast fit for Kings and Princes (see what I did there). Both mornings we received some of the most delightful food. From pancakes to omelets the food was the perfect way to start our days. Oh, and my suggestion try the Praline French Toast we won’t regret it.

Enjoying The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort

Lunch was my time to explore places around St. Simon island but one afternoon we hit ECHO for their Lobster Bisque soup and a fresh salad. Simply the best way to go on a beautiful day. I suggest enjoying your lunch outside with a view of the ocean it is just the perfect way to spend time with your favorite girlfriend or in my case my mom/best friend.

Enjoying The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort

Dinner was something else. It was delectable, exquisite, enjoyable and oh so distinctive. I start the meal with those divine crab cakes. They were cooked to perfection with moist, succulent crab pieces.

Enjoying The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort

I followed that with blackened Grouper served with ancient grain risotto, broccolini, apricot gastrique. Oh my, the fish was flaky and the risotto was so creamy. the apricot gastrique gave it a hint of sweetness that was perfection in every bite. My mom had the most amazing sea scallops.

Enjoying The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort

The closing act on this dinner was dessert. I couldn’t resist the Creme Brulee. The creamy custard was topped with the perfect caramelized sugar topping and fresh cream with berries. It was heavenly and done just right.

Enjoying The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort

Final Thoughts

I can’t begin to say enough good things about this resort. The staff, the chefs and the people, in general, are some of the warmest, sweetest people I’ve had the pleasure to meet. They truly love their jobs and this resort and it shows. I was impressed with how well they were able to accommodate me and my MS. I am excited to go back with my whole family.

Enjoying The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort

Have you ever visited The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort? It truly was one of my all time favorite trips. To learn more or to book your own stay visit the website. If you have any question feel free to leave them in the comments and I will do my best to answer them.

The King and Prince Beach & Golf Resort
201 Arnold Road, St. Simons Island, 
Georgia, 31522

Enjoying The King And Prince Beach & Golf Resort #KingandPrince #Travel #Luxurytravel

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