Check out the fun Junior Kits for Cars 3: New Learn & Play Fun from Revell #Cars3

Summer has always been my favorite time of year. I love having my kid home with me every day and getting to connect with him. But like all kids about a week into summer, he gets bored.  that means like most of you finding ways to entertain him can become a job in itself.  this year why not give your kids something fun that also inspired learning.

Cars 3

With Cars 3 in theaters, this weekend why not let your kids build their very own Cars 3 character.

And now at the starting line, just in time for the release of Disney·Pixar’s Cars 3 movie, it’s Cars 3 model assembly kits from Revell®! The new Junior Kits enable children 5 and older to assemble and play with replicas of the film’s Lightning McQueen, Jackson Storm, and Cruz Ramirez characters, utilizing a unique screw-based design that supports STEAM learning through repeated disassembly/reassembly. The finished racers are sturdy enough for rough handling and equipped with working headlights, action sounds, and changeable mouth and eye expressions, encouraging hours of imaginative play.

Cars 3

The new Revell models mark the latest additions to a Junior Kit™ line that won the prestigious Best New Pre-School Toy award at the 2016 International Toy Fair in Nuremberg for originality and play value. Cars 3 fans will learn to follow instructions, build logic and solve problems – and have fun at the same time – with:

  • An easy-to- use screw and nut assembly system that helps develop eye-hand coordination and fosters manipulative play
  • A child-friendly screwdriver, ergonomically designed for little hands, that requires no torque to tighten screws and fits in the car’s undercarriage for safe storage
  • Mix-and- match mouth and eye expressions allowing children to change the look of each assembled car simply by screwing the mouth and eyepieces in and out
  • Light-up headlights and authentic movie sounds – including racing sounds specific to each character as well as Lightning McQueen’s signature ‘Ka-Chow!’ – all activated simply by touching the hood
  • Take-apart- and-put- back-together ability, enabling repeated assembly sessions that strengthen skills and sustain interest in the kits
  • Adhesive decals that replicate each character’s paint personality, letting kids create movie lookalikes that enhance the play experience

Cars 3

Each Cars 3 Junior Kit includes 21 large body parts and 24 screws and nuts. All three kits retail for $24.99 (MSRP) and are immediately available at Target, Meijer, Fred Meyer, Hobby Lobby, and Amazon.

Cars 3

So what are you waiting for make this summer a winner by racing to get yours now? Plus be sure to grab some FREE printables HERE. 

CARS 3 is in theaters NOW!!!

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  1. I love that these can be taken apart and put back together! My daughter would love this

  2. It looks like you had some fun playing with Jackson Storm! I think my son is too young for these, he would take him apart!

    • That’s the best part you can take them apart and reassemble them. They are meant for just that. I think he would love them.

  3. loisaltermark says:

    Those look like so much fun! I love when there are toys that tie in with movies, especially when they encourage creativity like these do.

    • Me too. I love that the toys these days inspire creative thinking.

  4. Oh my son would just love this!
    He builds all of his lego sets so I know he would sit down and build this all in one shot too.

  5. Melanie Walsh says:

    Those are awesome! We loved Cars 3 and I know the kids will have fun building these kits. They’ll be able to reenact the movie again and again.

  6. When I was younger I made some model cars. Wasn’t really my interest but I had an uncle that made them and collected them. It was a cool collection.

    • It is fun. My husband collects model cars. This is more a put together/take apart type of toy.

  7. Jenn Borget says:

    My son loves anything to do with Cars and these look like so much fun. Can’t wait to build this with him.

    • They are so fun. I like that it’s made for younger kids and can be taken apart to rebuild over ad over.

  8. Jacqui Odell says:

    My son would love this! He loves cars and building things!

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