Celebrate the 30th Anniversary of Disney’s The Little Mermaid

Disclaimer: I received one or more items for free to facilitate this post. All opinions of mermaids and water are my own.

Can you believe it’s been 30 years since The Little Mermaid first hit the big screen? I was just a young lady at the time but making huge life-altering discussions. Much like Ariel I felt all grown up. I still can’t believe it’s been that long.

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of The Little Mermaid

In honor of its 30th anniversary, “The Little Mermaid,” dives into the highly celebrated Walt Disney Signature Collection, alongside with “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Beauty and the Beast,” “Pinocchio,” “Bambi,” “The Lion King” and “Lady and the Tramp.”

To celebrate The Little Mermaid and her friends as well as the cranky sea witch Ursula is coming out of the vault. They will be enchanting and teaching positive lessons to a whole new generation. Lessons such as

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of The Little Mermaid

“It won’t cost much, just your voice!” ~ Ursula

So many of us sacrifice our voice to fit in or to be loved. We listen to others tells us we aren’t good enough or we can’t do things. Our voices are precious and we need to speak up. Areil teaches us this when she gives up her voice to be human.

Speaking up and telling our story is important. We need to speak up and tell not just other people but our own self we matter.

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of The Little Mermaid

“Life is full of tough choices, isn’t it? ” ~ Ursula

Who ever said life was easy was lying. Life is a series of choice. How we choose and what we choose determines the course of our life. Rushing into the unknown can be exciting but it can also have serious repercussions.

One should not make chooses without seeing the whole picture and never because someone pressures us. Life choices are tough and some that are made can leave a scar on our hearts that last a lifetime. So unlike Ariel be sure to read the fine print before rushing into a choice.

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of The Little Mermaid

One of my favorite quotes in the movie is by Sebastian who say “Children have got to be free to lead their own lives,” and that is true.

To help celebrate the 30th anniversary of The Little Mermaid SwimWays has released a line of water toys. These toys are so much fun and can have your Little Mermaid flapping in the water for hours. Items include dive wands, goggles, flippers, and my favorite dive characters.

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of The Little Mermaid

Let’s celebrate the girls in our life by teaching them to be strong, independent, and to speak up by using their voices.

To purchase visit SwimWay, Target and Amazon .

Celebrating the 30th Anniversary of The Little Mermaid #Disney #DisneySMM

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