Rebecca Bryant is a wife and mom who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis at the age of 24. She has spent her life learning to overcome her mobility struggles and live a full life. She believes in kindness, honesty, strength, family, loyalty, and.perseverance.Rebecca loves talking with moms and to help them overcome their mobility struggles. Moms will leave her group sessions feeling inspired.

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In her session Mobility of body: Turning your struggles into triumphs Moms learn about overcoming daily struggles through 3 important steps

.A) How to set up a support system

B) Where to find help

C) How to accomplish daily life from morning routines to travel.

In her session Mobility of mind: Changing Your Voice From I Can’t To I Can. Moms learn how to change the negative narrative in their head into a positive one through 3 important steps

.A) Learning to change how you see yourself

B) How to flip the script in your head from negative to positive

c:) Learning how to see a solution instead of a problem

In her session Mobility of soul: Finding Joy And Comfort In The World Around You. Moms learn about finding joy in life’s everyday moments through 3 important steps

A) Seeing the joy in small successes

B) Finding fulfillment in what you already have

c) Finding balance in what you can do versus what you can’t

Rebecca speaks to groups, on panels, and in workshops. She believes in the movement of mind, body, and soul.

My Rates

15-30 minutes $250.00

30-60 minutes $400.00

60-90 Minutes $650.00

Please note these rates do not include costs for travel, meals, or lodging and is expected to be paid for by the event host. All fees and travel arrangements must be made and paid for prior to the event.

Thank you for your interest in having me as your event. You can book Rebecca via email at or by phone at 386-266-8578. feel free to contact me about scheduling and about rates.

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