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December 22, 2010 Rebecca 9

Paper pen in hand pristine white paper endless possibilities

My Son

December 21, 2010 Rebecca 17

well my son what can I say other than he is his own unique person. He has always played the game by his own rules […]

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December 17, 2010 Rebecca 8

Here is a poem I wrote about being broken and shattered. We all have those moments when life becomes too much for us and we […]

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Invisible Line

December 14, 2010 Rebecca 8

Invisible Line is a poem I wrote after having a small disagreement with hubby, I was feeling all kinds of emotions and had to get […]

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Poem Entitled Listen

December 12, 2010 Rebecca 7

There is magic all around us all you have to do is listen. The poem today is about listening to the whispers of fairies and […]