I’m Special

June 12, 2012 Rebecca 11

well OK maybe not that special but I did get three lovely awards all presented to me by the amazing Megan @The Lady Muse. If you haven’t gone over to […]

Off To The Movies

June 16, 2011 Rebecca 19

Summer has begun and with it Little Man’s fun. He and Grandma decided yesterday that going to the summer movie program at Regal would be […]

No Picture

Furry Vengeance

October 19, 2010 Rebecca 1

so last night I watched the movie Furry Vengeance with brendan Frasier and Brooke shields.This movie was just to cute and hysterically funny. Brendan Frasier […]

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Alice in Wonderland

September 24, 2010 Rebecca 1

So today I watched “Alice in Wonderland” for like the 25th time. I love this movie more so because it has my favorite pairing which […]