5 Reasons For Visiting Hoggetowne Medieval Faire

Hear ye, Hear Yemy lords and ladies you are invited to join the King and Queen at their annual Hoggetowne Medieval Faire. Hosted the last weekend of January and the first weekend of February every year.  It is an opportunity to step back in time and see life through the eyes of a renaissance man.

Medieval Faire

Disclosure:  My family and I received complimentary admission to Hoggetowne Medieval Faire in order to tell you about our experience there.  All opinions are strictly my own and we not influenced in any way.

If you’ve never been to a medieval faire or renaissance festival, you’re missing out on a chance to travel back in time to the 16th century.  I could probably list out a million reasons why you should check it out, but today I am going to tell you my top five!

Medieval Faire

1 ~ Turley Legs

Nothing says medieval faire like gnawing on a hunk of roasted meat.  These succulent pieces of meat can be found in abundance along with other festival-type foods that weren’t popular in the 1500’s. things like fried Oreos, cheese fries and of course bison burgers.

Medieval Faire

2 ~ Costumes

From knights to villagers, court jesters to fairies, tavern wrenches to royalty all are found here. Everyone comes dressed in period clothing and not everyone who is in costume is on the payroll or even volunteer. Some are just visiting. many people who are mingling about have traveled to come take part in this wonderful event. I have met people from New Jersey, Texas and even as far off as Canda. It the love of the renaissance time that brings them together.

Medieval Faire

3 ~ The Shows

From the moment you walk through the gates you are treated to entertainment. The guard in the watch tower start you off with many funny jokes and begin your interaction with the festival goers. From there you can enjoy jousting, court jesters, Maypole, live chess board and so much more.  The entertainment happens on stages all over the festival grounds as well as people who mingle with the guest.

Medieval Faire

4  ~ Artisans

The artisans at a medieval faire are ao talented.  They introduced you to so many beautiful handcrafted items from jewelry to clothing. There is also candles, soap, and baked goods.  All based on this time period.

Along with the artisans, there are people station around to answer questions and to teach you things. there is also hands-on displays for kids and adults to touch and learn how things were done.

Medieval Faire

5 ~Make some Memories

This is a perfect way to make memories.  With all the fun games, food and learning you and your family will have much to do and talk about.  Whether you choose to compete in an archery contest or make your own candle it is time spent as a family.

Plus it has something for everyone both young and old.  For my family, it’s the overall atmosphere that keeps us going back year after year.  It’s a fun and light-hearted way to spend some “unplugged” time with your family.

Let’s Talk:

Have you ever been to a Medieval/renaissance festival? what is it about them that keep you coming back?

Medieval Faire

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