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As a mom what is one of your biggest kitchen pet peeves? Mine at the present is a half-opened container that leads to stale food. I find having to throw out a half of box of cereal or crackers because someone didn’t close them wasteful.

Not to mention the many times of day I say “Don’t forget to close the lid” or “Don’t forget to put the tie back on the bread”.  Only to in return get the remark I will and then find they didn’t.  Frustrating.


But I have found an easy solution that is time-saving and cost-efficient. Two things all moms love it’s the Easy Lock Airtight Kitchen Storage Containers. these guys are easy to use and they keep food fresh. Everything from cereal to coffee can be stored in them. 

Not to mention they are shatterproof, easy to use and stackable they save space in the kitchen.  All these features make this mama very happy.



Thanks to the generosity of Easy Lock they are giving away 5 of these amazing canister to the readers of Teacups and Fairy Tales. To enter for a chance to win one simply follow the rules on the raffle copter. Then be sure to scroll down and enter to win more awesome prizes by other great bloggers.

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You can also purchase them via Easy Lock.

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  1. My biggest kitchen pet peeve is when my family puts dirty dishes in the already clean dishwasher. They don’t pay any attention!

  2. The biggest pet peeve that I have with our kitchen in general is with whoever drafted up the original blueprints for it, as there is very little storage space. These people either had magical powers taking away any need for storage, were extreme minimalists, stored everything in a [very] hidden room (or in the backyard?), or were just plain mean.

  3. My biggest kitchen pet peeve is when my the left over container cupboard and pot/pans cupboard. My husband never stack the items, just throws them in the cupboard so they’re always a mess!

  4. My biggest pet peeve in my kitchen is that I have an island and people think it is the pouring spot for their drinks. They constantly drip from the pitchers and then never wipe it up.

  5. My biggest pet peeve is when my husband will open a can of food and leaves the remainder in the can and puts the can in the refrig. He will not put the food in a air tight container.

  6. My biggest kitchen pet peeve is my family putting half empty water bottles, sodas, and drink bottles back into the fridge and then getting a new one. I also hate that nobody but me can see that the trash can is overflowing!

  7. My biggest pet peeve is Not Rinsing Your Dishes When Your Done!!! C’mon just give it a little swish so that cereal doesn’t turn into cement!! Lol!!!

  8. My biggest Pet Peeve is going to bed with kitchen and dishes clean then waking in the morning to find a sink with dirty dishes and/or a pot and no water for in it to soak. Then I get to scrape all the dried food off. 🙂 But these containers are awesome. Just what I need for my counter. Thank you for the opportunity.
    Carol Luciano
    Lucky4750 at aol dot comr

  9. I like the cabinets organized so I can find things. When things go in different spots, it drives me crazy! They knew where to find it originally, why can’t they just put it back in the same spot LOL

  10. Biggest kitchen pet peeve is dirty dishes that AREN’T there. I hate having to track down dirty coffee cups and so forth all over the house.

  11. My biggest pet peeve in the kitchen is when my hubby or kids leave the cabinets open. I’m not sure why it bugs me so much. lol

  12. My biggest kitchen pet peeve is when someone cooks and leaves the mess for someone else, which is usually ME! When I ask them to clean, they do except they don’t wipe the counters. GRRR

  13. My biggest kitchen pet peeve is my dishwasher placement is all wrong. Instead of being able to stand to the right of the open door to put away dishes in the top cabinet, I have to either reach across the open dishwasher or place the dishes on the counter to put away when I close the door.

  14. I have yet to find a way to store all of my spices for easy access. I have tried a few spice racks, but I wish there was the ultimate storage unit that would keep me from searching for the spices I need. My husband says I should invent one. I will see if I can work it into my day:-) Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity.

  15. My biggest pet peeve is dirty dishes left in the sink and everyone just looks out it and excepts one person to wash them. Ugh!!

  16. Leaving food opened and claiming you did the dishes and putting them away dirty! Ug! Teens!!!!!! Or spilling stuff in the floor and not cleaning it up.

  17. My biggest pet peeve is my boyfriend emptying out a glass of juice or whatever in the sink without rinsing the sink after. Hate having a sticky sink.

  18. My biggest pet peeve in the kitchen is when someone gets something out of the pantry and they don’t put it back where it belongs when they are done with it.

  19. My biggest pet peeve in the kitchen is the fact that I’m the only one who washes the dishes,if I don’t it doesn’t get done!

  20. I try not to complain when they DO put things away (thank you) but PLEASE – remember that I am shorter than everyone else! I can barely SEE what’s on the top shelf, but I can’t even touch the bottom of that shelf. There is NO chance of me getting anything of that shelf!

  21. It bothers me so much when my kids leave dirty dishes on the counter rather then outing them into the dishwasher. Drives me nuts !!

  22. One of my biggest pet peeves is that every time the kids get a drink, they use a new glass. 2 kids- 10+ glasses in a couple hours just from them

  23. As you can, if you can clean as you go. It can be a lot of work to cook all in one time and to just do it as you can, while going, that’s best. That way nothing gets out of control and any one thing overly built up and can take that time to do all the rest at the end. I like the structure.

  24. My biggest kitchen pet peeve is someone not cleaning up after themselves. I mean if you can drag everything out to make a snack, why can’t you put it back up when you’re done?

  25. I hate it when the dishes in the dishwasher are clean and instead of emptying it people just leave dirty dishes in the sink.

  26. My biggest kitchen pet peeve is my 20 yr. old refrigerator. The ice maker is broke. It’s always full and I’m always trying to find space.

  27. We don’t have a disposal and I absolutely hate when someone does not put the screen back over the drain to catch bits of food and stuff!

  28. My biggest pet peeve is a dirty counter top. My hubby won’t wipe the counters after he fixes food, and it drives me nuts.

  29. My biggest kitchen pet peeve is when my husband and three kids use a different glass/cup every single time they want a drink of water.

  30. My biggest kitchen pet peeve is hubby not covering food in the microwave with a paper towel and it getting my microwave dirty when it splatters or pops.

  31. My biggest pet peeve is when the kids leave the chips or cereal open. I also hate when they put their dishes next to the sink instead of in the sink

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