Tea For Two with Twining Tea

Twining Tea

Twining Tea it is one of my favorite brands of tea. I sip tea daily several times a day. Hence one of the reasons I chose to call myself Teacups and Fairy Tales. I not only love to sip tea at home but I also look for tea rooms when I travel. I love visiting different tea rooms to get the feel and views of the locals.

Did you know that afternoon tea was introduced in England by Anna, the seventh Duchess of Bedford, in the year 1840? The Duchess would become hungry around four o’clock in the afternoon. The evening meal in her household was served fashionably late at eight o’clock, thus leaving a long period of time between lunch and dinner. The Duchess asked that a tray of tea, bread, and butter and cake be brought to her room during the late afternoon. This became a habit of hers and she began inviting friends to join her.

Twining Tea

This pause for tea became a fashionable social event. During the 1880’s upper-class and society women would change into long gowns, gloves, and hats for their afternoon tea which was usually served in the drawing room between four and five o’clock.

So in honor of the tradition of afternoon tea and to share my love of Twining Tea I am giving away a gift set of tea.

Twining Tea


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Twining Tea

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  1. My favorite family tradition is Santa coming on Christmas. We have other traditions, but nothing is quite as magical as that.

  2. So so many..annual beach family reunion is one. Probably that we are very traditional and as southerns celebration each and every holiday with food, family, friends and much love..birthdays too..with our favorite meal and cake

  3. My favorite family tradition is decorating the Christmas tree each year with my kids. I love to see them so excited. We have a lot of traditions around holidays!

  4. My favorite family tradition is my kids all coming over one night a week for a family dinner,they are grown but it’s a nice way to stay connected.

  5. We make sure that we flex holidays, especially working in the healthcare field, so that we can spend them together. We even started celebrating Day of the Three Wise Men as Christmas because Christmas was a day that at least one of us had to work!

  6. My favorite family tradition is spending the holidays with our families. We have lots of delicious homemade food and watch football together and laugh about our childhoods.

  7. Columbus day weekend is our Christmas shopping kickoff. My mother, my teen and I go away for a few days to Lancaster PA and shop, as well as other things.I have been doing this with my mother for 15yrs and my teen has done it with us for about 8yrs.

  8. My favorite family tradition is the birthday muffin. Everyone gets woken up with their favorite muffin,, a birthday candle and a morning rendition of happy birthday. I did just do it for my children but now we all get one. It is just a tiny little act of love we all look forward to now.

  9. My favorite family tradition is seeing my whole family at least once a week, get together for dinner or just to sit down and have some tea and catch up on everything!!

  10. My favorite family tradition is remembering the True meaning of Christmas and participating in church activities such as caroling and taking fruit basket to shut ins.

  11. My favorite family tradition is the enjoyment of having a garden filled with both lovely flowers and herbs and growing berries and vegetables.

  12. We don’t really have any traditions outside of the holidays that I can think of.. Flowers for every birthday.. Homemade cakes.. hard to really say..

  13. My favorite family tradition is family game nights. We all get together and either play games or cards. Everyone brings something to snack on.

  14. I have a lot of favorite family traditions. It’s hard to narrow it down. One of my favorites is even now that our 5 kids are all young adults on their own and we have a grandson now too, we have continued that at our family get togethers, and especially on all holiday get togethers through the year, we like to play FUNNY party games that make us laugh a lot and laugh hard, more than we do already. About once a year or so I sometimes buy a new one for the collection – we like Crappy Birthday, Claymania, Apples to Apples, Guesstures, Imaginiff, Mad Gab and our newest one is Snake Oil. BUT.. our absolute most favorite that makes us laugh harder than any bought game is when I have enough time, I make up silly party games sort of like Minute to Win it style competition ones but that are silly and also themed to whatever the occasion is . We have some funny photos!

  15. Every summer we have ice cream sundaes for dinner one night. The kids never know when it’s coming and it’s something we all look forward to each year.

  16. Well Tea takes center stage when our family gathers for funerals- we find it comforting to have a cup of tea with some light refreshments, the bereaved find some solace in the experience.

  17. One of favorite family traditions is in the fall we go on a hayride at our favorite farm. Then we pick out pumpkins and have some treats.

  18. Once a year my mom, dad, brothers, they’re wives and kids plus my fiance, and our kids go on a vacation. We always go somewhere different, Either to the beach or mountains!!

  19. My favorite family tradition is that we go all out for ANYTHING. Birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, good grades…. we find everything possible to celebrate and make a huge deal over!

  20. My favorite family tradition is Christmas Eve when we play games, reading of the birth of Jesus and our gift exchange at midnight.

  21. my favorite family tradtion is i always make a lasagna dinner on christmas dinner and we have family over and watch movies and unwrap prsents and prepare christmas dinner for christmas day

  22. I have been going trick or treating with my niece and nephews every year since they were born and I absolutely love it.

  23. My favorite family tradition is our summer get together at our cousin’s farm. There is usually 50 to 75 family members that show up so it is great to be able to see everyone all in one place.

  24. i used to enjoy nominating myself as turkey of the year at Thanksgiving if I had a good story. Also hearing others self nomination stories. Hysterically funny. Cousin Chris usually won!

  25. Most of my family has pasted away and those still with us, live thousands of miles away, so traditions have become a thing of the past. However, I still remember cooking with my father and grandmother, and I am trying to pass on those recipes and cooking traditions to my children today.

  26. My favorite family tradition is getting together for Christmas dinner, having ham and turkey, then opening presents and eating tons of Christmas cookies.

  27. My favorite tradition is spending time doing family things like going to a movie, or playing a board game or going bowling, just making memories.

  28. When my son was younger (he’s over 30 now), I decided I wanted to start a Sunday tradition…we have put roast sunday…meaning no matter what time of year, even if I have to use the grill, we have the full on pot roast dinner…meat, gravy, potatoes, peas, roll, butter and desert….it’s something small, but at least it’s a tradition for us

  29. It’s not a “tradition”, per se, but we always go to Holy Mass for Christmas (and on all Sundays and Holydays) to celebrate our Lord and His loving kindness and mercy. He is the BEST Gift of all! Thanks and God Bless! ILuvTheEucharist @ aol dot com

  30. My favorite family tradition is having family night every Friday night. Each person takes turns deciding what we are going to do so everyone gets to do something that they want.

  31. Before the children grew up, married, and started their own lives, we always had supper together at the dining room table.

    Judy Cox

  32. Our favorite family tradition is going to Atlantic City every year and we go to the Rainforest Cafe and then head to the beach for a day of fun!

  33. Our family has many little traditions, but one of them is to watch “A Christmas Story” together while we eat homemade cookies and drink Ovaltine…lol. Thanks!

  34. We don’t really have any family traditions yet, outside of the holidays, as our family is just forming. I look forward to developing traditions with our little boy!

  35. My favorite family tradition is to eat snack foods all Christmas day instead of a big meal. We lounge around all day and enjoy fun foods and good company!

  36. I’m not sure we really have a family tradition. Perhaps it’s every year my husband and daughter go and find something (one year it was a spider) and keep tabs on it all summer long. The spider they fed until she started expecting the food and her webs got a bit shoddier as she got heavier. Sometimes they watch the muskrats or the hawks.

  37. My favorite family tradition is that at the end of each day we sit down and eat dinner together. It’s a wonderful time to talk, share, and catch up on each other’s news.

  38. My favorite family tradition is Saturday lunch. We rotate restaurants, but everyone is there – four generations. It’s how we catch up with each other.

  39. We really don’t have much in the way of traditions. The last two years, my daughter and granddaughter have come to my home at the Christmas holidays. I’m hoping this continues to be a tradition.

  40. My favorite family tradition is getting together for our family reunion every July. We currently have five generations attending!

  41. my favorite tradition is the family getting together every Thanksgiving and Christmas for dinner .all the family it’s crazy the house is so crowed but fun.

  42. My favorite family tradition is sitting at the dinner table each night and sharing our day with each other.
    Laurie Emerson
    lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

  43. My favorite family tradition is picking out our Christmas tree ornament each year. It signifies something that happened that year so that our Christmas tree tells our family story =)

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