Easy and Healthy Party Favors

The countdown has begun and while I’m having a hard time believing it myself, Christmas is a couple of days away. ‘Tis the season for glitter, glue, crafts, and classroom parties with treats galore and party favors.

I truly thought with this being my son’s senior year my days of classroom parties were over but not so. Since the birth of my nieces that has not been the case. It would seem that I now get to be the coolest Auntie on the block.  Not just because I’m the fun adult but because I also bring the best party favors. (cue cool music)

I admit I wouldn’t be the coolest without the help of GoGo SqueeZ. With their delicious pouches of healthy and yummy goodness, I get to the bell of the ball, Queen of the classroom, star of the show, okay you get my point.

Party Favors


GoGo squeeZ pouches are one of our favorite healthy go-to snacks because they contain simple all natural ingredients and no artificial “yuckies.” High fructose corn syrup? Artificial coloring? You won’t find any of that here which is why I feel confident giving them to my teenager and my little niece.. Not only do they taste great but they also come in a variety of flavors, including many organic fruit and veggie combinations. With this in mind, I knew that there would be a flavor that each and every kiddo in the class would enjoy. Not that toddlers are super picky but it’s beneficial to provide choices to a room full of 2 and 3-year-olds who are adamant about expressing their preferences!

But who wants a plain old pouch. Not me and certainly not a room full of kids. So with a little Christmas magic from GoGo SqueeZ(Free printable), I was able to dress up my pouches to give them a cute, edible snack.

Party Favors

This craft was so easy even a DIY challenged gal like myself could handle. Simply print out the cute pouch sleeves, cut them out, fold and tape. then insert pouches to create a cute way to give a gift of healthy delicious snack.  Easy Peasy.

These gifts were a huge hit that I had moms, teachers and even the kids asking for more. Now that is what I call a winner, winner chicken dinner score.


Let’s Talk:

What’s your go-to party favor at Christmas?

Party Favors

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  1. What a fantastic idea. My sister and I were discussing what to do for school lunches to make it interesting and I am definitely sharing this with her!

  2. These are super cute and I love that the kids get a healthy snack at school I still haven’t tried go go squeeze yet. Going to have to pick some up on the next grocery run.

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