Chestnuts Roasting Giveaway Hop!!!

Welcome to the Chestnuts Roasting Giveaway Hop!!

Can you believe that December is almost over with?  I am still in shock at how fast this year went by. I mean seriously Christmas is only a few days away. I mean seriously 2018 is coming quick. With the new year and all the resolutions, people make I wanted to help a friend out. I mean, after all, we are friends right/

Anyways because the new year is coming up quick and because Walmart knows you want to be prepared to take on whatever new adventures await you in 2018 they are offering up a $20 gift card to one lucky reader of Teacups and Fairy Tales. That’s a pretty sweet deal right.

Chestnuts Roasting

Plus if you scroll down further after entering this giveaway you can enter to win even more great prizes.  So go ahead make this holiday season a winning one.  GOOD LUCK!!!

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 Chestnuts Roasting Giveaway Hop Continues

Chestnuts Roasting

Welcome to the Chestnuts Roasting Giveaway Hop brought to you by The Hopping Bloggers!

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Each giveaway has a value of a minimum of $15, however some are worth much more. Be sure to enter to win all of them because there is no limit to how many you can win. GOOD LUCK!

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Teacups and Fairy Tales

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  1. What I love about holiday season is people’s willingness to give, to stop and help someone they would otherwise not see in their hurry to get somewhere or because they are looking at the phone.

  2. My favorite part of the Holiday season is seeing the kids get up early on Christmas morning and being so excited to open their gifts!

  3. My favorite thing is hanging out with the family. I am very blessed with an amazing family and I truly love each and everyone of them.

  4. My favorite part of the holiday season is baking delicious goodies for my grandsons to enjoy, especially our favorite gingerbread men and women cookies!

  5. I enjoy the sights and sounds of the Holidays. The Christmas songs, seeing all the lights, watching all the movies – they’re all great.

  6. So many things and favorites with our southern tradition besides gathering for the feast and worshipping our Lord,
    The lights and music, the lighted lighting of tree and lighted boat parade are just a few more.

  7. I’m a teacher, so I get off the 2 weeks of Christmas break with my children. Being with them is my favorite part of the Christmas season!

  8. There are SO many things that I love about the holiday season… I could just go on and on. I’m enchanted by it all, really. One underlying thing that I always return to, that I love, is “the holiday spirit.” To me that phrase means different things at different times, and to different people as well. Lately, for me, it’s been coziness and slowing down, as well as healing and appreciating life.

  9. Tell me in a complete sentence what is your favorite part of the holiday season?

    i like the music and the lights,and sometimes the weather when i can see the sun thanks

  10. My favorite part of the holiday season is baking and all the wonderful spices! I just discovered making my own chai spice blend – oh sooo good!

  11. I absolutely adore eggnog. I could drink that stuff by the gallon. Christmas eve is also my favorite day of the year.

  12. One of my favorite part of the holidays is waking up on Christmas day and watching my kids open their presents. Another good thing is all the good food

  13. i love the holidays. my favorite is decorating the house and tree together with family! having a big dinner and giving gifts.

  14. my favorite part of the holiday is spending with my family and grandkids. I also love to watch the younger kids open all their toys

  15. I spent so much of my 20’s away (while i was in the Army) that i love Christmas time with the family and value it all the more b/c of the time that i missed.

  16. It’s hard to pick a favorite when I love every single thing about the holiday season. Singing the Christmas hymns in church every Sunday in December is pretty special!

  17. My favorite part of the holidays are seeing all of the decorations and lights. I also love watching my daughter open her gifts on Christmas Day.

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  18. I love all the beautiful Christmas lights! So beautiful driving around! That is one of our favorite things to do….just drive and look at all the lights and decorations!

  19. My favorite part of the holiday season is seeing my family and watching the magic unfold for my daughter;)

    Jmatek AT wi DOT rr DOT com

  20. I enjoy spending time with my family, celebrating each part of Christmas observances, baking and cooking together, decorating, watching Christmas movies and listening to Christmas music together, and enjoying all the goodies.

  21. I really just enjoy spending time with my family. I took it easier this year and bought wonderful cookies and mini cheesecakes from a great bakery we have nearby. It was nice to be able to relax a little.

  22. My favorite part of the holiday season is time off from work…this gives me more time to watch movies, read and hang out with friends and family.

  23. My favorite part of the holiday season is being with family and friends. This year we had a new grandson added to the family which made it extra special!

  24. My favorite part of the holiday season is when my family from out of state comes into town. This year two of my four brothers were here and it was so nice!

  25. My favorite part of the holiday season is the smell of everything; pine, candles, cinnamon, hearty food, cookies, cold air, decorations.

  26. My fav part of the season is, of course, being with the people that I love! I also absolutely love watching the snow fall. As long as I have no place to go…I love it! haha Happy New Year everyone!

  27. My favorite part of the season is seeing the excitement on my kids’ faces. They have so much joy decorating the tree, making a gingerbread house, opening gifts on Christmas morning, etc. I love to see them happy.

  28. It’s not a “tradition”, per se, but we always go to Holy Mass for Christmas (and on all Sundays and Holydays) to celebrate our Lord and His loving kindness and mercy. Thanks and God Bless! ILuvTheEucharist @ aol dot com

  29. My favortie part of the holiday season would be just being with my family I am so grateful that god keeps on blessing me with that

  30. My favorite part of the holiday season is having so much extra time to spend together with my family. I love when we go out and look at Christmas lights in our PJ’s and watching Christmas movies together. 🙂

  31. My favorite part of the holiday season is all the various times friends and family get together for different activities.

  32. My favorite part of the holiday season is the excitement and love that seems to linger in the air…not just with my family but everywhere. I love that feeling and wish it could be all year long!

  33. I have lost my husband and my mother very recently to cancer. I have also gained twin granddaughters. I love watching all three of my beautiful granddaughters enjoying the magic of the season. I love their innocence and belief. It certainly puts things into perspective.

  34. My favorite part of the holidays is spending time with my family even though this year we did not get together.

  35. My favorite part is seeing the excitement in my kids. It’s so fun to relive my childhood memories with my own kids.

  36. My favorite part about the holidays is when we go to my sister in law’s house for our annual Christmas party and do fun games for kids and adults, and share lots of food and fun together!

  37. As a mom my favorite part of the holiday season is all the magic making for my kids. I adore every moment, even the stressed out how am I going to get it all done moments! We have so many fun activities and traditions to do that we are busy busy. My favorite tradition is making cinnamon rolls from scratch on christmas Eve with my kids, refrigerating overnight and then baking Christmas morning while we open gifts (warm memories made!)

  38. I love spending time with my family, baking cookies or attending holiday events like the Christmas Parade or school concerts.

  39. I love so much about the holiday season. First of all I get to see family and friends often during this time and watching all the kids have so much fun is even better.

  40. My favorite part of the holiday season is blowing my diet and indulging in all of the wonderful Christmas cookies!

  41. I think my most favorite part of the season is the cheerfulness of people, their giving nature and wanting to go out of their way to help others. That always puts a smile on my face and in my heart.

  42. I love spending time with my family and seeing my children interact with their grandparents. We almost lost my dad this year so it was very special for us to get to see him on Christmas.

  43. My favorite part of the holiday season is seeing my family that i don’t always get to see. Having my family all together and everyone talking and having fun is just the best.

  44. Probably walking at the park and having hot chocolate. The lights are pretty nice. I will miss them when they take them down.

  45. I enjoy having the family together for a fun adventure – all about family from cooking to trips to walks and board games – all is great!

  46. I love just the chance to stop and think about the past year and the past in general. It is a chance to remember those we love and others we have loved and lost.

  47. My favorite part of the holiday season is seeing all the lights and decorations and getting together with family.

  48. My favorite part of the holiday season is watching my kids and love one open gifts that I got them. Curling up on the coach watching Christmas movies is also wonderful

  49. My favorite part of the holidays is baking for the kids, I always bake all night Christmas eve so when the kids wake up the whole table is covered with baked goods! I tell them the elfs bring them from the North Pole!

  50. My favorite part of the holiday season is spending time with family who lives far away that I don’t get to see often.

  51. The past few seasons haven’t been very good or encouraging, but what I like about it when it’s just right is the entire thing of lights, food, gifts, and fellowship with family and friends.

  52. I love everything about the season except the shopping. I enjoy the crowds, the lights and the decorations but my body doesn’t like all the walking and standing so I shop from home. I still like driving around to see the lights even though all my children are adults and out of my home.

  53. My favorite part of the holiday season is the overall feeling of goodwill that you find in most locations and in most people.

  54. What I love most about the holiday season is getting to spend quality time with friends and family and it seems all the family drama and fighting lessens during the holiday season so that’s a plus as well.

  55. I think my favorite part of the holiday season is when all the girls in my family get together to bake our batches of Christmas cookies, pastries, and pies.

  56. My favorite part of the Holiday season is spending time with family and seeing the Grandchildren’s faces when they get a toy they love to play with!

  57. I love the holidays, I think we get so busy during the year that we just don’t enjoy each other’s company…during the holidays, we’re able to relax and enjoy the people around us even more…

  58. My favorite thing is, after I’m done with the hustle and bustle, relaxing with an excellent piece of homemade fudge (Ooh – peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallow!), in front of a tree aglow with many lights and covered in many ornaments handmade over the years (a lot of knitting and cross-stitch there!) , watch old Christmas favorites on TV. (Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol and The Walton’s” The Homecoming” both jump to mind.)

  59. My favorite part of the holiday season is seeing family and having dinner with them. I love opening there gifts and watching them opening the ones i bought them

  60. I love spending time with family and friends. We get together and celebrate and eat and laugh. It is such a great time.

  61. My favorite thing about the holiday season would be the memories we make! All the beautiful lights people put up, along with the city who also decorates all the major buildings here.

  62. My favorite thing about the Holiday Season is seeing extended family & friends who usually visit us in sunny AZ this time of year !

  63. I was looking forward to spending the whole day with my family and that is just what I did. It was a wonderful holiday!

  64. My favorite part of the holiday season is trying the large variety of desserts that everyone makes and shares with others.

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