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I love being a mom of a teen.  Yes, I know teens are grumpy, moody and sullen. They are also fun, crazy and a blast when it comes party time. Recently we celebrated the end of marching band season with the senior boys. It was one of the best weekend parties ever. I also learned a thing or two about hosting a teen party. Those lessons are ones I wanted to share with you.


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My first tip is to choose a theme they will enjoy. For this party, we went with a movie theme. Son chose a movie theme because the boys wanted an all-night horror fest. It was a pretty gruesome sight of blood and screams but so much fun to watch how much fun they had.  Your teen may be more of a music, books or even magical creature type kid. Whatever their likes plan the theme around that.



Whether your theme is movies or magic make the entertainment fit. Because we chose movies son had a wide choice of movies to choose from to fit this theme. However, if your teen is into music than watch musicals. If they are more into magic or video games choose movies that have magic in them or kids playing games.



Let’s just say with teen boys food that was portable was a huge plus. I went with a menu of cupcakes, popcorn and movie candy. all these snacks were things they could eat while movie around or sitting to watch a movie. Side tip when you get your supplies from Oriental Trading they have these really awesome movie snack boxes that make holding your snacks just like at the real theater. It was so cool.



Party games are a must for any good party. The teen boys had a great time playing video games and going outside to play manhunt. However, the true star of the party were these awesome Tangle toys from Zuru. they not only are fun to twist, tangle and fidget with but they also connect to one another. The boys had a great time trying to outdo each other with who could make the biggest most interesting sculpture. The best part is they have taken them to the band room to challenge the rookies to a Tangle twist off.


My final tip is to enjoy the party and the memories being made. I know it is clique but time really does go by fast and if you blink you just might miss it.  As I watched the boys laugh, talk and just have fun I was reminded of days gone by on the school playground. I also realized in that moment I don’t have many more weekends like this to enjoy watching my son be a kid before he graduates and becomes a young adult. It was a bittersweet moment.

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What is one fo your no fail-proof party tips?


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