My Best Tips For Attending Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

Disney is my all time favorite place to visit. It is magical year around but more so on the holidays especially at Christmas when everything has that little extra twinkle. One of the fun things Disney does at Christmas is host Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party and to enjoy it I have a few tips for you.

Christmas Party



Tips For Attending Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party

1. Arrive Early ~ The party officially begins at 7 PM but with your party invitation (ticket) you can arrive at 4 PM. This is great because you will get to see Elsa use her magical powers to light the castle.

Christmas Party

2. Bring a Jacket/Sweater ~ I know you may be thinking it’s FL who needs a jacket but truthfully Fl weather is unpredictable and has been known to dip into cooler temperatures at night. So why spend the evening shivering when you can just throw on a jacket or sweater.

 Christmas Party

3. Make a Plan ~  When I say make a plan I mean have a list of what you want to do and who you want pictures with. So you’re not running around trying to decide what everyone wants to do. That said be open for surprises. Some of the best memories are made when things happen unexpectedly like when we were heading to see Mickey but son got sidetracked by a street performer and became part of the show. It was a fun time.


4. Closer Isn’t Always Better ~ After many fireworks show at Disney, I have learned closer isn’t always better when viewing fireworks. Truth is the further back you are the grander the view is. Plus you don’t get such a kink in the neck from looking up.

Christmas Party

5. Free Is the Word ~ Finally, my last tip is to be sure to get your free cookie and cocoa. There are cookie stations all through the Magic Kingdom that provide you with a yummy fresh-baked cookie and warm hot chocolate to make your night complete. If you want a healthier snack they do offer apple slices and apple juice instead.


So there you have it my few tips for attending the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party. I hope you get the chance to go and have some fun. And remember nothing is more magical than making memories with your family and loved ones this time of year and all year really.


Let’s Talk:

Do you have a tip for attending the Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party? What about a tip for attending any party at a theme park?

Christmas Party

Disclaimer: I received complimentary tickets to attend this event. Regardless all opinions are my own and I never recommend anything my family doesn’t enjoy. also note all photos are complimentary from Disney World website. 

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  1. This would be so fun to go to! These are great tips! I think that knowing about fireworks and getting a better view from far away really is a wonderful tip to keep in mind. Thanks!

  2. Ooh, I LOVE this event. My favorite was a few years ago when we attended they transformed one our favorite attractions to the “Jingle Cruise”. We even got to take home a keepsake poster.

  3. We went to this about 5 years ago and had so much fun! It’s a great time of the year to visit Disney World and everyone who goes this time of year NEEDS to attend this party!

  4. Thanks for the tips! I never knew about the cookie stations. definitely have to check it out the next time we visit. Its on our bucket list to do Disney during holidays, hopefully next year!

  5. It’s been a long time since I went to Disney! I think this is really going to be fun for the kids and the adults. There’s so much in store, but the best way to maximize it is make a plan! Great tips!

  6. I have always wondered what all Mickey’s Christmas Party is all about!! It looks like it’s a blast and much fun to be had, and of course goodies. I just love Disney in general!

  7. I went to Disney for the first time last October and our family had a great time. I can only imagine how fabulous it would be to go to the most magical place during the most magical time of the year. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring my family back to enjoy Mickey’s Christmas party!

  8. We went to Disney before thanksgiving and they already had some Christmas stuff up and it was so beautiful. I would love to back and see it all in its full glory.

  9. I’ve been to the Magic Kingdom during the holidays and it can be a lot of fun. Arriving early is essential, as is having a plan. Otherwise, you can be overwhelmed by the crowds and miss out on all the activities and your favorite rides.

  10. Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party is a BLAST!!! We did it last year, but I will keep these tips in mind for next time!!

  11. These are really great tips. We went a couple of weeks ago and had a great time. We really enjoyed all of the treats through out the park.

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