Music Monday ~ Hit the Dance Floor


Hello and welcome back to Music Monday. I know the dance floor has been a wee bit quiet these past few weeks but the DJ is back in the house and ready to spin some tunes.

Today I would like to hit the shuffle button on my playlist and see what comes up. As my playlist is very mismatched we could find yourself doing the two-step or twerking.  We may even find yourself waltzing around the dance floor.

Speaking of dancing did you read about the wonderful work Lionsgate is doing. In celebration of the lease of the movie LEAP!, Lionsgate has partnered with FOOTLOOSE. FOOTLOOSE is a non-profit charitable organization that collects new and gently used dance shoes to donate to less fortunate aspiring dancers. FOOTLOOSE donates shoes to a variety of organizations. For more information to donate or receive shoes, visit</a>.

So how about we leap onto the dance floor.


 Kelly Clarkson ~ Walk Away

Ed Sheeran ~ Perfect

Tim McGraw & Faith Hill ~ The Rest of Our Life

Eurythmics ~ Would I lie to You?


Let’s Talk

Who are you listening to this week?

Dance Floor

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  1. I love the new Ed Sheeran song! I’m a big fan of his. I also like the one by Kelly Clarkson. Great pics! I love your Mondays!

  2. I’m absolutely obsessed with Ed Sheeran in general, but I especially love “Perfect.” The music video is super extra adorable. I haven’t given Kelly Clarkson’s new album a listen, but my friend has been raving about it, so I need to give it a shot.

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