Tips for Helping Your Cat’s Upset Stomach

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As moms when one of your babies is sick you do whatever necessary to make them feel better. Whether that’s a trip to the doctor or a home remedy.

It’s the same with my cat’s. they are my babies too so when one of them started having an upset stomach. I went into mommy mode trying to help her.  From vet visits to changing her food, we finally managed to get this sweet thing feeling better which her sister likes as now she has her playmate back.

Upset Stomach

Things you can do to help your cat’s upset stomach

If you think your cat has a sensitive stomach, there are steps you can take to help keep your cat’s insides running smoothly.

  • Be watchful. Do your best to prevent your cat from eating anything spoiled or questionable. Outdoor cats have increased exposure to inappropriate food and are at greater risk for internal parasites.
  • Check for hairballs. If you suspect hairballs are causing your cat’s stomach upset seek help from a vet.
  • Avoid giving your cat milk or dairy products. Cats might like the taste but often lack the ability to digest dairy products properly.
  • Slow down mealtimes. Cats that eat fast also swallow a lot of air. Divide big meals into smaller portions, fed throughout the day.
  • Measure the proper amount of food. Eating too much can upset a cat’s digestion so feed according to package directions.
  • Be consistent. Any change in nutrition can irritate your cat’s system. If you switch your cat’s food, do so slowly: gradually mix greater and greater proportions of the new food with the old.
  • Feed your cat a nutritious, high-quality food. Cats cannot easily digest food made with low-quality ingredients.


A healthy, smart choice is GO! SENSITIVITY + SHINE recipes which are great for all cats, but were formulated especially for pets with specific dietary needs and food sensitivities. All life stage recipes for pets are carefully prepared with select meat proteins, unique carbs, and essential omega oils.

Upset Stomach

Finding the right food

finding the right food for our little one with an upset stomach was key but we also had to consider her sister into the equation. We knew we had to make sure the food we fed one for a sensitive stomach would also provide adequate nutrition to her sibling.  That’s where Petcurean a family-owned Canadian company that creates premium-quality pet food recipes came into our life1. Petcurean puts pets first.

Petcurean recipes are made with premium, nutritious ingredients to meet specific needs of dogs and cats. Discerning pet parents can feel good about these products, and pets love them. Plus they have someone who can help you choose the right food for your pets. That was a huge positive point for me.

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Upset Stomach


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Upset Stomach


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  1. We have two small senior female dogs.  Pepper Too is a salt & pepper miniature schnauzer and Mitzi is a black & tan dorkie (dachshund/yorkie designer hybrid).  They’re both spoiled rotten!

  2. Great tips. We’re looking to adopt a cat now for my daughter. She loves cats so I need to remember this brand when we do.

  3. Wish I saw this last week! My cat has been sick for a little while and it turns out it was her food. I guess she doesn’t like the new brand we got her 🙁

  4. I have five kitties. Three of them are litter mates and we got them in 2009. Buttons is a rescue from the pound. My oldest son adopted him when he first moved out on his own. Then had to move into an apartment and couldn’t take Buttons, so adopted him – and then there is Ollie – my trash can kid. He’s about 3 and jumped out of our trashcan as a kitten. We couldn’t find his owner, so I keep the tailess wonder.

  5. I have a senior indoor cat and a kitten plus a chinchilla 🙂 I also take care of seven ferals. These are awesome tips!

  6. I have a dog, Helen, who is a Labrabull (part Lab/part Pit). I also have two cats. The female is Misty and the male is Trader Jimmy. Thanks.

  7. Great tips for helping our furry friends. I never thought about slowing down meal time. We usually just fill her dish but it makes sense to portion out to help her not overeat. The other thing I would add is kid toys with ribbons and household plants are bug culprits too!

  8. We adopted our senior dog over 7 years ago at an adoption fair. I don’t know what her previous owners were like but she was so terrified of everything. She quickly overcame her fears but still doesn’t like dog toys.

  9. i have 4 kitties and a childhood dog who lives with my dad. my 4 kitties are lilly,bud,ranger and gizmo and my dog is marley

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