One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pumpkin!!

It’s that time of year where the air gets cooler, the leaves of multi-color sprinkle to the ground and everything goes pumpkin spice. Now you may or may not be a pumpkin spice lover but for me, I look forward to this time of year.  Not because here in Florida we get cooler weather or changing of the leaves but because I get all my favorite fall drinks.

I love being able to get pumpkin spice flavored drinks, warm apple cider, and rich delicious hot cocoa. there is just something so warm and inviting about a mug filled with a warm and delicious drink.

I also enjoy all the fall decorations like scarecrows, pumpkins, baskets of pinecones and acorns. Fall is just full of so many wonderful things including Halloween and Thanksgiving. Oh, and of course my birthday.

So to help celebrate the changing of the seasons I have joined up with The Hopping Blogger gals for their Frightening Fun Giveaway Hop.  I am giving away a $15.00 Gift Card to Dunkin Donuts. So enter below. Then after head-on done to the linky and enter to win even more awesome prizes from other wonderful blogs.

Good Luck !!!


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  1. I love the cooler weather and the hopefully declining humidity.
    I love the college football games.
    I love going to an apple orchard and picking the fruit.

  2. It is really beautiful around my house during the fall, usually. It was so dry this year most of the trees lost their leaves before they turned.

  3. I enjoy when the weather starts to get cooler & all the fun October and November activities there are for my kids!

  4. I enjoy the cooler weather and the changing of the leaves from green to their beautiful shade of yellow, orange, red and brown.

  5. tell one thing you enjoy about fall? Please leave a complete sentence.

    i like the weather,and i like to get out and run early in the morning thanks

  6. The end of hurricane season..seriously.
    A little trip to the mountains for a few days from Florida..when we can.

  7. One thing that I really enjoy about the fall is typically the weather. This year, though… not so much! It’s been hot and nasty! Can’t believe it’s October and I’m wishing I hadn’t taken the AC’s out of the house. LOL.

  8. Fall is my favorite season. I like it for the hoodies, bonfires, cooler weather, and Halloween. Thanks.

  9. I love everything about fall! The cooler temperatures, the smells, all the colors, the sounds the leaves make under your feet… I love it all!

  10. I love the change in weather, the red, rust, and orange color, Apple scented candles, hayrides, pumpkin picking, fall foliage train rides, and leaves…lots and lots of leaves!

  11. I’ve spent a shameful amount of money on pumpkin coffee from Dunkin this year! It’s my favorite time of year so I let myself indulge in a weekly treat

  12. One thing I love about fall is the cooler temperatures and being able to play tennis outdoors without it being too hot in Georgia.

  13. There are so many things I enjoy about fall. Cooler weather which means less yard work, wearing my boots and scarves again, pumpkin EVERYTHING!

  14. what I love the most about fall is everything pumpkin. I love the decorating them, the eating pumpkin pies, cakes, breads, cookies.

  15. I love the this time of year. I start with my wedding anniversary & then it’s full throttle through all the activities of October, November & December.

  16. I love the fall colors. My aspen trees are yellow now, and some of my bushes, and vines are red. I love the flowers of summer, but the brilliant colors of fall are beautiful too.

  17. Love the color of the leaves changing – but not thrilled to have to rake up so many on a regular basis. Love the cooler crisp weather where I get to wear a warm sweatshirt. And best of all, I enjoy a cup of hot cocoa on a regular basis!

  18. tell one thing you enjoy about fall? …or Tell one thing you enjoy about fall. Not really a question when you ask someone to tell you something.

    But I enjoy the football, college, NFL, CFL, LFL, love me some football.

  19. I enjoy the cooler weather. Being outside more and watching the leaves change colors and fall. who doesn’t enjoy a good bonfire with smores and a hayride?

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