Music Monday ~ Turning up the Volume


Hello and welcome to another edition of Music Monday. Let’s turn up the volume and get Monday started with some music.

Last week I introduced you to a young lady named Whitney Woetz who was new to me. I have really been enjoying her this week as well. She is a very talented young lady.

I have also been enjoying other talented ladies like Taylor and Demi. That said I thought it would be fun to once again hit the shuffle but on my playlist and see what popped up for music this week for us to enjoy.

SO grab your dancing shoes and let’s get the week started with some fun tunes.

Turn Up the Volume


Reba ~ Why Haven’t I Heard From You

Eagles ~ Lying Eyes

Elvis ~ Return To Sender

Tom Petty ~ Free Falling

Let’s Talk:

Who are you listening to this week that you would like to share?


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    • I was so heartbroken to hear of his passing. We had such a beautiful memorial to him at this years Gator Growl. It’s always bittersweet losing one of your own.

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