Unleashed ~ A Fairy Tale For Animal Lovers #UnleashedTheMovie 

I recently had the pleasure of getting an advance viewing of Unleashed.  This modern-day fairy tale has everything you could want in a fairy tale.

You have Emma the who is our unlikely princess, you have a villain the ex-boyfriend, the trusted animal friends a cat and dog and then there is the prince/hero.



Emma, a brilliant but awkward app designer, moves to San Francisco after a massive betrayal by her boyfriend with only her beloved pets, an adorable cat, and an energetic mutt, in tow. One night, drawn by the light of a Supermoon, Emma’s pets escape into the night and are transformed into full-grown men, forcing Emma to reconsider her outlook on dating and hilariously work out her trust issues.


My Review

First let me say I’m a sucker for a feel good, happily ever after movie  Mix in some magic and talking animals and you have my undivided attention. That said is the movie a wow factor no and yes it was somewhat predictable but over all, it was just a feel good movie that I definitely rewatch several times.

I liked that I could watch it with my 12-year-old niece and freak out about naked body parts or overly used bad language. It actually had a storyline.

I could relate to Emma she was awkward and not quite self-confident. She was played brilliantly by Kate Micucci.  Plus Justin Chatwin and Steve Howey totally nailed their part a cat and dog.

This is the kind of movie I would curl up with on a rainy day with my cup of tea and just enjoy. If you get a chance to watch it I would recommend you take it.

Available in select theaters and on Digital  August 25, 2017


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  1. I love animal movies. They’re always so cute and funny. My recent favorite is Secret Life of Pets. I’ve never heard of this though so I will definitely have to watch it!

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