Tips for Buying Your Teen’s First Car

As parents we want is best for our kids. This means we research and check everything that they do.  So why should buying them their first car be any different?

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As parents we want is best for our kids. This means we research and check everything that they do.  So why should buying them their first car be any different?

Afterall this is a big step in them becoming independent and responsible adults. So you want to make sure you help them make the right choice.

To do that here are a few tips that can help make the buying experience an easier one for you and your teen.

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Though it’s important to buy a car that is safe it’s even more important that your teen learns to be a safe driver. Consider having them take a driver education class. Because no matter how safe and secure a car is, it’s in the hands of the driver to stay out of danger,


When you finally decide to buy your teen a car educating yourself and your teen is important. Research is one of the best ways to this. Start by asking friends and family who have bought cars for their teens what their thoughts are. Then head online and do some in-depth reading. Sites like are very helpful in finding information. Most importantly know what kind of car you want and what your teen will be using it for.

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Consider what you can afford to pay.  Buying a car for your teen is an added expense not just on the initial purchase but also about your insurance going up plus the added expense of future repairs and maintenance.  then there is the added gas expense. If your teen is sharing the expense make sure it fits in their budget as well.


Once your budget is set get your car loan pre-approved.  The right financing can save you thousands and eliminate stress for you and your teen. Getting preapproved for a car loan secures your loan amount and interest rate before you go car shopping. That means no negotiating with a salesperson on the financing, which saves you time, money and hassle.  Even if you plan on buying a used car from a private seller, it’s a good idea to be pre-approved so that you know exactly what you can afford.

Take a test drive

Bring your teen along so that both of you can get a feel for the car. And don’t just cruise around the block. Hit the highway, find some challenging curves and grades—in other words, put the vehicle through all the paces you would in a week of driving.

Let’s Talk;

What tips do you have for buying a car?


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  1. These are great tips. I remember buying my son’s first car – it was so stressful but we did a ton of research and ended up with a used VW Passat. It was a great car!

  2. Our grandson just got his first car! It is such a huge deal and so important to choose safety while also being affordable. We have always used when on the search for a vehicle. It’s a huge help.

  3. I remember when I got my first car, I could pay half down on it (used Honda Civic) because I had a savings account I was constantly putting money in. I think it’s helpful to be reasonable as a child on what to expect as your first car.

  4. I remember buying both of my daughter’s a car when it was time. These are such great tips and I think it is important that teens be reasonable and don’t have too high of expectations when getting their first car. I also think it is important that they know the added expense to the family budget and be willing to help with that, if possible.

  5. We are about to buy a car for ourselves – not our kids – they are grown. I don’t really have any tips to add except be sure to include MPG in the research. That is definitely part of the ongoing maintenance. Also, if buying used, get a vehicle report on that particular vehicle to make sure it’s not salvage. may offer one of those. I haven’t ever used them.

  6. We are a few years away from having to do this, but these tips got me thinking. Thanks for the information now I’ll be ready!

  7. My daughter turns 10 this week and I’m a little flabbergasted at how we got here so quickly. I know buying her a car is right around the corner. I’ve got to start studying now so I know how to do that when she’s a teen. Think it’s too early to research makes and models?

  8. Great tips on such an important decision! I need to bookmark this so I can make sure and follow your tips when I need them! Actually, I’ll probably utilize them the next time I need to buy a car too!

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