Music Monday ~ A Trip to Margaritaville



Good morning my friends and welcome to Music Monday today we are heading to Margaritaville and other places. Music is something I love and I love all kinds of music. Without music life would be dull. There is a quote that I have always felt connected to and that is “Music is how feelings sound like” and it is so true. You can find a song that fits almost any mood you are in.

Feeling happy dance to an upbeat song,. got the blues there is a mellow song for it.  Mad well turn up some rock song about kicking butt.

I also feel music can inspire. I love playing music when I write as it tends to inspire me to write about things I may not have thought about.  One of the things I love most about music is its ability to get you in the mood for whatever holiday is coming. Fall makes me want to listen to songs like Thriller or even Christmas tunes. Spring around the corner and I want songs of love and romance. Summer in the air well then it’s all about Marley, Buffet and Margaritaville.

Today I shuffled up my playlist and went on a trip through several seasons. so I wanted to share the songs I was enjoying with you.


Michael Jackson ~ Thriller

Etta James ~ A Sunday Kind of Love

Jimmy Buffet ~ Margaritaville

The Bryds ~ Turn! Turn! Turn!

Let’s Talk:

What songs do you think of when you think of fall or summer?


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  1. I love your Music Monday’s! And oh my goodness Michael Jackson’s Thriller and Etta James? You are really taking me back to the music I enjoy.

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