Dream Big Princess Inspire Young Girls #DreamBigPrincess

Disney launches their new Dream Big Princess photography campaign this week. As a doting aunt to 4 amazing girls, I am all about the girl power here.

Keeping in line with all the great things we have seen from this Dream Big Princesses messaging these past few year Disney collaborated with 19 female photographers to bring you beautiful photos from around the world.  The photos capture inspirational and powerful images of real women and girls channeling a Disney princess that inspired them.

Dream Big Princess

But that’s not all photos that are shared on social media with the hashtag #DreamBigPrincess will help to raise funds for Girl Up, the United Nations Foundation program that supports adolescent girls’ pursuits for leadership and the empowerment of girls everywhere.

“The idea that stories, whether real life or fictional like those of Belle or Rapunzel, can inspire kids to follow their dreams is at the heart of the #DreamBigPrincess campaign,” said Jimmy Pitaro, the Chairman of Disney Consumer Products and Interactive Media. “We asked some of the most accomplished female photographers to help tell the stories of inspiring women and girls from around the world – and the results are incredible.”

Dream Big Princess

Stories are inspiring and teaching girls they can be anything they want is important. I find myself channeling Disney princesses daily. I strive to be kind like Cinderella. Brave like Merida. Independent and educated like Belle and I even find myself like Snow  White cleaning up after a house full of dwarfs.

But even more inspiring are pictures. Someone, I forget who once said: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. If so then these photos speak loudly. From a young entrepreneur who created a STEM book about girls coding, to a girls soccer team that loves to compete in their Princess dresses.

Dream Big Princess

“Every picture tells a story and I’m delighted to be party of an initiative that tells so many stories that are interesting and diverse. I hope that people around the world will be motivated to share their own inspiring #DreamBigPrincess images in support of Girl Up,” says Annie.

As a mom who encourages her child daily to be their best and an aunt of 4 beautiful girls that I know will do great things one day I love this campaign and the message it promotes. My nieces all have a favorite princess and they learn from them to be fearless, brave, kind, strong and above all never to let their dream go.

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  1. I adore the Dream Big Princess campaign. We use the princesses to help guide our conversations with our daughters. When they switched schools, we talked about how brave Rapunzel was to leave her tower.

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