Back To School Tips With Hanes + Giveaway #HappyInHanes

It’s back to school season. For me, it’s a bittersweet moment as it’s my son’s senior year.

Now don’t’ get me wrong I am very proud of him and thrilled we made it to his senior year. There were moments this past year I wasn’t sure we make it to this point. But I am also saddened as this is the last leg of his high school journey.

Over the years I have to watch my son grow, learn and come into his own. I’ve watched him struggle and come out stronger. He has learned to be himself and to be comfortable in his own skin.

As we look forward to the future and prepare him for his senior year we know we will need three things to survive this journey.

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A support system

I am so thankful that my son has a great group of friends. This group has been together since kindergarten and they have seen each other through some tough times. They have supported each other, lifted each other up and even held each accountable for things. In truth, they are not just fellow students or friends they are family.  It will be this support that will help him make it through this year. Having support is a key ingredient to making it through any school year.

Included in this support system is guidance from their parents and other trusted adults.  Having people around that will ultimately help guide, love and even challenge him will be a must.

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This year will by far be the most challenging. Not only will there be life choices about his future but there will be testing, college applications, and scholarship applications. All this will require one to be organized and on time. Deadlines are important so being organized and have everything outlined and written down will be vital to senior year success.

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As with anything in life, comfort makes things easier. Not just comfort in one’s skin but also in one’s clothes. No one wants to be pulling up socks or pulling down shirts while in the midst of testing or interviewing. that is why son chooses Hanes. Our family is a Hanes family.  Not only are their clothes and under clothing comfortable but they fit our style.

Son is all about their new Fresh IQ line. He likes feeling confident and comfortable knowing that their odor protection is keeping him fresh when faced with a stressful situation.  Plus the light weight material makes marching in 90-degree weather a wee bit more bearable after school practice.

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Back To School Giveaway

I’m partnering with Hanes to give one lucky reader an amazing Back to School Comfort Kit! The winner will receive:

  • $50 Hanes Visa Gift Card
  • 3 Back-to-School styles from Hanes (based on age and gender of winner)
  • Styles will include selections with Hanes X-Temp™ and FreshIQ™ technologies to keep kids cool and fresh all day!

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Disclosure:  I received one or more items for free to help with this giveaway. However, all opinions and teen talk is 100% mine.


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  1. My best back to school tip is to lay out clothes the night before to save time in the mornings! My favorite Hanes product is their crew neck undershirts for my husband. They hold up so well!

  2. I am a fan of all sorts of Hanes products. I’ve purchased a variety of their items throughout the year. The socks and underwear are probably the best.

  3. We love Hanes socks for the whole family! My best back to school tip is to get them organized before school starts because once it starts, they don’t slow down enough!

  4. My best back-to-school tip is to go to the orientation and open house so your kids can be familiar with the school the teachers and classmates

  5. I try to get my son involved in our back to school shopping so that he gets excited about the new school year.

  6. My best tip is one we are working on right now. School begins on the September 6th and my son is 13 which he thinks means gaming all night. I have started waking him up a bit earlier each day. It takes at least 2 weeks for your body to adjust to a schedule and if we don’t make it a priority we have an awful start to the school year. It only took one year for me to never be lazy about our bedtime and rising schedule again.

  7. I actually just bought this line for my son, now entering in to Junior High and he loves it.
    My best tip, would be to start organized & not to sweat it. Kids are kids and they need to be that way. 😉

    Andrea Summers

  8. My tip is to prep ahead the night before, have everything you are going to need ready so in the morning you are not in a hurry. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Awww what a sweet pic! Senior year for me was tough especially with my last one who graduated early and moved out with his older brother to start college. Throughout al those school one thing was always a consistent and that was Hanes. I always bought them Hanes socks, tees and underwear for each one of my boys for back to school!

  10. Don’t sleep on the bus but keep your shoes on if you do cause they will roll down the bus and you’ll get your hanes dirty on the first day.

  11. Being organized for a new school year is so important so that it goes smoothly and easily which makes everyone more relaxed!

  12. My best back to school tip is to be as prepared as you can and help your kids to be as prepared as they can for the first week of school. That means have your back-to-school shopping down, backpacks ready to go and clothes picked out for the week and lunches planned out. Also, make sure it is all planned ahead how your children are getting back and forth to school and the times and places you will meet them and pick them up and/or drop them off. Since during the first day and week of going back to school there will usually be some things you didn’t prepare for, it helps to be prepared for everything that you can.

  13. We love all the hanes products! We watch for them to go on sale so we can stock up for back to school for 3 sons!

  14. My favorite Hanes item is the socks. My best tip for back to school is to start bedtime and morning routine you will follow during the school year at least 2 weeks before school starts.

  15. My best tip is to start back to school shopping well in advance. I shop clearance and use coupons on sale items at major department stores throughout the summer. I love Hanes Tshirts myself.

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