6 Ways to Travel Cheap With Your Older Kids

Travel Cheap

If there is an option, would you choose smartness over wastefulness without compromising on your quality time with your family?

Travelling with your family can be one of the most joyous experiences of your life, especially if you have older kids, who can enjoy the more adult like, thrilling experiences with you in an equal manner, but if you are not doing it because you believe the trip would burn a big hole in your wallet, you probably are not familiar with some great ways through which you can enjoy those great journeys and travel tours with your family without spending wads of cash on everything.

Here are the 6 smart choices you need to make to travel cheaper with your older kids:

Travel Cheap

Skip the hotel & Rent an apartment:

When you are traveling with your family, you definitely need a place to say, but the normal hotels are not the only lodging option available for you there. With home sharing apps like the great AirBnB, you can find out an apartment that can be rented on a daily rent model very easily.

The reason behind this choice is that hotels are a whole lot costlier than apartments because, they charge for everything separately, while on the other hand, an apartment would be an all included deal where you get a lot of amenities and options for a certain- pre specified price. Additionally, for older kids, you would need extra rooms and for that, the hotel bill could experience an increase, while in an apartment, you would not only get extra rooms but a small lounge as well, where you can sit and enjoy with your whole family together when not outside.

Choose Places with Natural Beauty:

A family trip means that whatever the activities you engage yourself in, should be enjoyable for every single member of your family and there are very few people in this world who don’t like scenic locales laced with exquisite natural beauty that leads to awe and wonder in equal measure.

And choosing to visit places like these will not only be a lot more thrilling for your family, but it would save you up tremendously on costs as compared to visiting places that might are not free like amusement parks. You can engage in a wide variety of activities like hiking, swimming in the sea, camping out and more when you chose places with natural beauty and your older kids would definitely enjoy this one of its kind tryst with Mother Nature’s beautiful side, cherishing these moments forever.

Travel Cheap

Chose the off-season window for your travels:

The difference in prices of lodging, local transportation, and food items can vary tremendously between peak season and off-season. Mostly, the tourist swathes that had hit the area have slimmed down, leading to lower prices all over, allowing you to enjoy a lot more activities at a much lower cost than you could have done otherwise.

Visit places for longer time periods:

Slowing down is one of the best ways to save money during travels because then, you don’t need to jam everything you need to do in a few days that you have, leading to lower spending.

Longer vacations and prolonged stays will allow you and your kids to see and visit everything with patience and maximize your chances of enjoying a whole lot more time doing things that cost less and require more time like visiting the beach for a full day.

Travel Cheap

Chose Places that have a weaker currency:

The difference between the exchange rate of the dollar to the currency of the place you are visiting matters immensely towards your bill’s final bottom line. Places and countries that have weaker currencies i.e. your one dollar bill might be equal to their 50, 60 or even a 100 units of their currency, are sure to be immensely inexpensive for you to visit as you can get a lot of their money by giving in fewer dollars of your own.

Cook your own food:

Visiting restaurants is fun but it should be the ideal scenario during every meal during the trip. Buying your own groceries and cooking your own food, especially if you have rented an apartment for yourself, would allow your family to be fed for a much lesser amount as compared to the final bills of all those meals at swanky restaurants. Even if you can’t do that, make sure that you buy staple food items like milk, cookies, and bread, because they will also help in lowering the overall cost of your bills, besides, eating out can make you and your kids opt for more unhealthy choices resulting in all of you gaining some unwanted weight at the completion of your trip. So if you don’t want to fall into that unhealthy lifestyle trap once again, opt for the choice of cooking your own food during vacations.

You would certainly need to spend money on travel expenses for the whole family that cover things like transportations and stay over/lodging costs, dinners, lunches, sightseeing and more, but if you can manage to do these very things in an unconventional way, that is different from others, you would certainly be spending a lot less than a similar family did without making those smart choices, and all of that, while getting the same level of joyous memories from your cherished trip with your loved ones.

Let’s Talk:

How do you travel cheap? What are your tips for saving money but not losing quality?



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  1. These are great tips! We try to rent an apartment whenever we can and I like the idea of visiting for a longer period of time and lower spending. Can’t wait till our next trip with the kids!

  2. We travel cheap by bringing our own food for snacks and breakfasts, staying at places with kitchenettes. I also save save save ahead of time in order to make the most of the vacation!

  3. I love your tip on skipping the hotel and renting an apartment. I don’t have kids, but I find that this tip works for me when I travel with my friends. It saves so much money!

  4. These are great tips. We like to rent a condo or house when we go on a longer vacation. I like having a full kitchen to make more meals and not eat out.

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