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Hello, my friends and welcome to another edition of Music Monday. Now I know what you are thinking. You; re thinking hey Rebecca it’s Wednesday don’t you know your days of the week yet. Well, rest assure I do but this week has been less than calm and frankly I had what my teenager would refer to as a brain fart.

Yes, those are apparently a real thing.

In truth, I have been so stress worried about my dad that I woke up Monday thinking it was Sunday and did not realize until later in the day that it was truly Monday.  SO instead of rushing to write a pot and throw it up, I decided we could do Music Monday on a Wednesday because Tuesday slipped away from me too quickly.

I mean it wouldn’t be a good week if we didn’t have our weekly dance party. Plus this is my house and in my house, we can bend the rules any way we want and I want to have a dance party on a Wednesday.

So grab your dancing shoes, grab a partner or your kid and hey that shuffle button on the playlist it’s time to do some booty shaking.

Listening to more music.

Monday Playlist

 Sylvia ~ Snapshot

Daughtery ~ Home

MercyMe ~ I Can Only Imagine

Warrant ~ Heaven

Let’s Talk:

 Who are you listening to this week?

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  1. This week I enjoyed the wireless headphones I bought on Prime Day, rocking out to Meaghan Trainor. Luckily I avoided my husband, who was trying to capture it on video. Some things should NOT be on Facebook!

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