Music Monday ~ Dancing The Summer Away


Music Monday

Music Monday is here again and I am excited to share what I am listening to this week. However, before we hit the dance floor for our weekly dance party can we talk?

I wanted to talk about summer vacation. I know that around the states everyone has a different summer vacation schedule. For us here in Florida, we start summer vacation in mid-May.  This means that vacation is soon to be over for us. I believe we have only 4 weeks left. For my son, it’s only 2 weeks left as he starts band camp soon.

I was really shocked this morning when I realized summer was almost over as this summer we didn’t really take any big trips. This was partly due to son’s summer being broken up with band activities. As part of the leadership group, he had lots of guys where he had to attend leadership camp to learn how to be a great leader to his section.

We have taken a few daycations and a couple of weekend getaways but nothing too big.  Which brings me to my 2 questions. First, when do your kids start summer vacation? Second, do you take one big vacation or a lot of smaller ones?

Now for my weekly playlist to enjoy.

Music Monday Playlist

 Lana Del Rey ~ Summertime Sadness

Barbra Streisand & Bryan Adams ~ I finally Found Someone

Loverboy ~ Hot Girls in Love

Patsy Cline ~ Walkin’ After Midnight

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  1. Such a great, eclectic mix of songs! I’m a big fan of pretty much all of these, and am going to download the Lana Del Rey song to my iPod right now!

  2. I don’t recognize any of the songs on this weeks playlist, Rebecca! I’m going to have a listen to them in a second though. And it’s such a shame your summer is almost over. We’re in the UK and our kids are still at school at the mo. Their summer starts in a fortnight and lasts for just under 7 weeks 🙂

    Louise x

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