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be the change

Hello, friends and welcome to Music Monday. One of my favorite quotes is by Gandhi. Simply stated it reads “Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” So many times we see things we wish we could change. The truth is you can.

Change is hard for most but if you lead by example than others will follow. As a parent, I try hard to the person my son can look up to. I want him to see in me the kind of person he can be proud to call mom.

By setting a good example and being the person I want him to grow up to allow him to see that one person can be the change that ignites a ripple effect that rolls through others. Teaching my son to be kind, respectful, helpful and generous are not just words but actions.

It isn’t always easy being the one to ignite change. Being one voice in a crowd of many can be intimidating but I want my son to know and to see that sticking to who he is and to what he knows is right is something he can do,  That being true to himself not only makes him who he is but it shows others they can be who they truly are.

So today we are going to change it up a little and I am going to share some of my favorite songs about being you and doing the right thing.


Alisan Porter ~ Change

Cast of Descendants 2 ~ You and Me

Michael Jackson ~ Man in the Mirror

Britt Nicole ~ Be the Change

Let’s Talk:

Who are you listening to this week? What song speaks to you?

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  1. Change is inevitable though it is hard. Like for me, I have this attitude I really want to change and it is me. I am just very stubborn. But I see life finding its way to pacifying it for me.

  2. I’m loving a lot of the top hits right now! I’m a Pop music kinda girl! I think one of my favorites today would be Attention by Charlie Puth.

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