Event – Yelp’s Yoga Night!

Yoga. For most people, myself included when you hear the word you think of a group of people who can twist themselves into a pretzel and still breathe.  Am I right?

Okay maybe that’s just me but I always thought yoga was for these really fit skinny people who could bend and twist in ways I knew I couldn’t. That said it has been on my list of things I wanted to try before my 50th birthday. (you can see my entire list of 50 before 50 on Pinterest)

So when an invite came from Yelp to attend an event being held at The Sanity Guru yoga studio I saw my chance to try something new.


Yoga at The Sanity Guru

What a wonderful night.  It was so much fun and yes I learned even someone like myself who has never done yoga could not only follow along but have a great time doing so.

The owner Kristin and her husband were so welcoming and kind. Kristin taught a great beginner class that everyone could follow along with. The atmosphere was calming and really helped to connect with your inner self.

I came away with a new-found love and respect for yoga. Not only that but I really like how encouraging Kristin was and how she made me feel welcomed and like I could do anything I wanted.

The studio itself is so calming with its low lights and space. Plus they have a massage room so when you’re done connecting with your inner self you can book a massage to relax.


Along with classes and massages, they also have the cutest little boutique for shopping.  I mean come one who doesn’t like new workout clothes.


The best part is that the studio isn’t’ just open to locals. If you happen to be in town for business or vacation because we are talking Gainesville, Florida and you have read my posts on how cool this town is right?  Anyways while you are here visiting you to can take a class. They have classes for everyone from beginners to advance. So make sure you check them out when you are in town.


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Let’s Talk:

Have you ever done yoga? Do you take a class or do it on your own?


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  1. Doing yoga regularly was on my to do list for years. A few years ago I discovered Yin Restorative yoga, and have been going to classes weekly for more than a year. I love it! I’m glad your first experience was positive.

  2. I started doing yoga in college and fell in love. I had a fabulous instructor and made it perfect for me as a beginner. It’s so relaxing but at the same time can be a great workout. If I can’t make it to the class I try to find a YouTube video to practice.

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