Summer is Better With Chick-fil-a Watermelon Mint Lemonade

Nothing says summer like a tall glass of cold lemonade. But what if you could put a twist to the traditional lemonade say like a hint of watermelon and mint.

Well, you are in luck right now at Chick-fil-a you can get their Watermelon Mint Lemonade for a limited time. This refreshing drink is the highlight of summer right now. It is everything summer should be. Fun, different and oh so good.


Chick-fil-a Giveaway

To help you celebrate this summer I am giving away 3 free watermelon mint lemonades to one lucky winner. I want you and your family to have a taste of this AMAZING!! new drink.

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  1. I love that the days last so long. Yes, it’s unbearably hot too, but when it cools off in the evening the sun is still out so I can go on longer walks with my girls.

  2. I love summer it is when the Monarchs come and lay there eggs on the milkweed i plant for them every year

  3. My favorite thing about summer is going for long runs outside. I am currently training for a marathon in October.

  4. My favorite thing about summer is spending time with my kids while they are vacation from school.

  5. I love to go hiking and enjoy the park during the summer. Thanks so much! I hope you have a great summer. Sounds like an interesting flavor.

  6. My favorite thing about summer is watching the sunset on Lake Michigan, preferably in Pentwater, Michigan, my hometown.

  7. My favorite thing about summer other than the warm weather is having my son at home and vacationing with him.

  8. Everything about summer is my favorite season and holiday..vacation, camping, beach, fishing, BBQ hiking..flea markets, makets..everything

  9. In all honestly, my favorite thing about summer is trying out all the new products companies like this offer for a limited time!

  10. My Favorite thing about summer is going to the pool, going to zoos and water parks, and having backyard BBQ’s with my friends and family!

  11. My favorite thing about summer is gardening and getting all the yummy fruits and vegetables from our garden!

  12. My favorite thing about the Summer is the extremely hot weather and being able to swim all the time at the beach.

  13. My favorite thing about summer is swimming and 4th of July. I love spending good time with my family with some good BBQ!

  14. My favorite thing about summer is being able to get out in the warm sunshine, do a little gardening, and enjoy the birds singing in the mornings.

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