5 Ways to Beat The Summer Heat

The dog days of summer are here.

I know we wait all year for summer to come and for a vacation to begin and then it’s so hot out we don’t want to leave the house. It happens every year and if you have spent any time in Florida you know we get really hot summer days. I mean like melt your face kind of hot.  So a few years back when the teen boy was in middle school we came up with a list of activities to do that helps to beat the heat.  these activities stand the test of time as son still enjoys them at 17.

Beat the Summer Heat


Water Balloons

Gather up the kids and fill up some balloons and enjoy a little fun with that requires you to get wet. Water balloon fights are a classic summer activity and appeal to everyone.  If you feel your child isn’t old enough we came up with a swap for the balloons. Get yourself a bunch of dollar sponges and get them wet for little ones to toss.


Popcorn and Movies

Consider having a movie day. Pull out all your favorite movies. Even some you haven’t watch in a while and pop up some popcorn. Everyone can sit down and enjoy a nice movie. Let everyone pick his or her favorite to watch together. Plus you can pick up these cute popcorn buckets at a dollar store or craft store to really get that movie theater feel.  The best part is everyone gets a turn picking their favorite movie to watch.


Ice Cream Social

Pick up your favorite ice cream (we just discovered Graeter’s recently)  and have an ice cream social. Let the kids or adults get creative with toppings and flavors. For added fun name your creation.



Play board games. This is a great way to have some family time. You can pick games that are age appropriate and everyone can join in. This is also a wonderful way for older kids to help teach younger kids.  It is a box full of fun for everyone One of our favorites is UNO. We love playing this as a family and are very competitive about winning.


Arcade or Mall

If you have exhausted all your resources or creative ideas then consider taking the kids to walk the mall or play in an arcade. Both of these options allow the kids to get out and be active without being outside in the blistering sun. Plus who does enjoy a good game of Donkey Kong or Pac-Man?

Let’s Talk:

What is one fo the ways you beat the summer heat?




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