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Summer has arrived and kids are out of school.  Yes, those same kids that couldn’t drag themselves out of bed to catch the bus on time are now the ones whose feet hit the floor at 7 AM ready to play. It’s these same little humans that by 9 AM have you pulling your hair out because you have heard I’m bored, I’m hungry, she hit me, he took the remote and a sleuth of other complaints.

So when you do finally find some time to be alone and unwind whether that’s when dad is on duty or if you accidentally duct tapped the kids to a chair ( I kid…Maybe). Then you want to make those moments count. here are a few of the ways I unwind when I find alone time.

Unwind this Summer

Take A walk. Getting out of the house and changing your surroundings is a great way to unwind and de-stress. Plus walking is a gret way to stay healthy.


Read a book. I am currently reading the Yellow Envelope by Kim Dinan a fellow blogger who also write over at So Many Places.  Reading is not only helps you escape to other places but it’s a great way to have an adventure without leaving home.

Take a bubble bath. Not only is taking a bubble bath relax but it’s also kind of fun. Who doesn’t smile when they are surrounded by bubbles.


Enjoy a cup of tea. Sitting in a quick place like your patio or sun room sipping tea is so relaxing. I prefer tea from Twining especially their new Jasmine line. Plus the aroma from a fresh cup of brew tea is relaxing.

Meditate. meditation is a great way to reconnect with yourself. When you are able to block out the outer world and focus on your inner self you are able to be calmer, happier and more centered.

Let’s Talk:

How do you unwind and de-stress? What is your go to happy place?


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  1. This is a simple and smart list of ways we can all slow down, unwind, and take a breather! My favorite suggestion of yours is to take a walk. Being outside and in the moment really helps me refocus, recharge, and relax!

  2. I enjoy slowing down during the summer. It is such a great time to relax and enjoy time with family. I live near the beach so sitting there and reading a book is my favorite thing to do!

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