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Recently I took a trip to SeaWorld.  When I first suggested this to the teen boy he was pretty excited and like most of you moms and/or dads I immediately hit the internet to do my pre-arrival research.  I was a little shocked to see there wasn’t a lot of information about exploring SeaWorld with teens.  So with what I did find and with our knowledge of exploring we set out to discover the thrills of the water.


Disclaimer: We received a set of media passes for free to facilitate this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

The first thing I did when planning this trip was to download the SeaWorld Discover Guide App .  It was like having the entire park in the palm of my hand. Because bot is a teen with a phone we were able to coordinate our schedule for the day according to shows and wait time for rides.  Plus it told us where food was and restrooms which are always a need to know thing.

After this, I made sure to purchase the all day dining band. Now, this is something you need to determine for yourself if it’s a good deal. For me feeding a teen boy have this all day dining was a huge saving. He was able to eat every hour at participating restaurants and get an entrée, 1 side or dessert, and a drink.  They way my kid can eat this was a great way to save money on food.


Highlights of the Day

there were so many great moments throughout the day but if I had to choose my top 3 they would be the morning walk with the Flamingos, hanging with the Penguins and of course petting the stingrays.

However, Clyde and  Seamore were high up there trying to graduate from Sea Lion High.

Going in I thought for sure we would spend our day hopping from ride to ride but I was pleasantly surprised by how much fun my son had watching shows and interacting with the animals.

I think my favorite memory is watching him pet a stingray. They have this really cool area where you can feed and touch a real stingray and watching my son revert back to his excitable 5-year self was beautiful. To see pure enjoyment and excitement in his eyes was a moment that will be with me for a long time.


Things I learned at SeaWorld with my teen

I learned a few things at SeaWorld while exploring with my teen.

One you will get wet, very wet and you child will laugh with great glee at this.  I learned that dolphins, stingrays, and even sea lions get a big kick out of soaking the human species.

Two you will walk till your feet hurt scream till your lungs hurt and laugh till your sides split. Yes, i feel I walked miles that day and I screamed several times loudly on a few rollercoasters. I also admit to laughing till my belly hurt.

Third and final lesson no matter how old your child gets there will always be something in this world to make them release their inner child. Whether it be an encounter with a stingray or a sea lion pretending to be a shark there is still lots of joy to be had.

Oh and one more thing I learned is that my kid is a pretty okay human. He has turned into a very polite and well-mannered adult as he proved that day when he helped a young mother gatherer up her belongings that her child threw all over the sidewalk.


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Let’s Talk:

What is your favorite attraction at SeaWorld? Do you have a favorite sea animal?



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  1. Love sea world! We went to the one in San Diego a number of years ago and it was a ton of fun.
    I had just wished we could have brought in our own food.
    We never had the chance to go to the one in Orlando when we were there. We simply ran out of time!

  2. So much fun! I live in Ohio when I was a kid we had a Sea World near Cleveland that I had gone to a few times. I loved it! That one is closed now and I haven’t been to one in a really long time but we always had a blast

  3. Wow, I had no idea there was an all-day dining band! I think I would gain 10 pounds in one day! Great tips here.

  4. I haven’t been to Sea World in ages! Now that we have grandchildren I’m revisiting my inner child and having a wonderful time organizing adventures. This is going on the must visit. Love the all day dining band. That is a life saver!

  5. How fun! The last time we were at SeaWorld my son was 3. He still remembers a lot of the fun we had. He’s about to turn 9 now and I’m thinking it’s time to go back soon!

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