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Teacups and Fairy Tales

Hello everyone, Welcome to Teacups and Fairy Tales.

No, don’t adjust your computer or click exit you haven’t landed in an alternate universe.

Yes, this was the home of Everyday Life previously but we underwent a facelift these past few weeks. I know you asking yourself why Everyday Life was so awesome. It was but it wasn’t really me. I mean Everyday Life is pretty boring yes I said it boring. So we did some soul-searching and voila Teacups and Fairy Tales was born.

Teacups and Fairy Tales

The Story of Teacups and Fairy Tales

Once upon a time is a castle far, far away lived a Queen. This Queen spent her days reading, drinking tea and cleaning her tiara. She knew she needed a creative outlet but wasn’t sure what.  Then one day while in the royal library looking for a book to read the King happened upon her.  As they began to discuss the happenings of the day the King made mention of this new thing called a blog he had heard of while in the village. The Queen’s interest was piqued and so began her quest to learn how to blog.

And so the Queen began to read all about blogging and attended royal gatherings to learn all she could. Through her quest to learn, she met many other Queens from neighboring kingdoms like Queen Ashley from the kingdom of Teachable Mommy and Queen Joyce from the Kingdom of Women and their Pretties. The Queens from these outer kingdoms and much more helped the Queen to evolve and become a better blogger.

Then in the wee hours of the morning long before the rays of sunlight would awaken the castle the Queens fairy godmother would appear. With her appearance, she would bring words of wisdom. she would tell the Queen that for her blog to shine and flourish among the realm of the interweb she would have to get serious and find her a new path to travel. So with the blessing of her godmother and the other fairies, the Queen renamed her blog Teacups and Fairy Tales. Now with the good wishes of her fellow Queens and that of her family, the Queen has set off on a new journey.

Let’s Talk:

have you ever had to rebrand?


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Rebecca is a boy mom, traveler, Disney addict, chocolate lover, and tea drinker. She lives in Florida and enjoys good food, good music, and a great book. Her goal in life is to live in the moment and to always be open to new things.


  1. Love the new name, I think it fits you very nicely. And I agree, everyday life can definitely be boring lol. I haven’t rebranded but I have had thoughts about it for the future. We will see!

  2. I love the new name and think it fits you perfect. The story you wrote for it is just plain awesome!
    Carry on.

    PS>You need to have a new blog button now. 🙂

  3. Congrats on your new brand! I know my name doesn’t fit me anymore and I need to do a rebrand soon!

  4. I love everything about this, Rebecca! I rebranded a few years ago, too, and was freaked out about it. It turned out to be the best thing I did – and I know you will feel the same way. Love the new name!

  5. Niiice. Congrats. I’ve thought about rebranding but it hasn’t yet been a definite go so I’ll relax until I really feel I’m ready for a change

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