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Music Monday

Welcome to Music Monday.

I awoke today to realize summer vacation is less than 9 days away.  Where did this school year go?  Not only is school soon to be out but with comes the knowledge I am the mother of a High School senior. Yes, folks, it’s true my son will be one of the many Class of 20418 graduating next year.

what’s even scarier is that he will be embarking on his life as an adult. My baby boy will be taking the flight to spread his wings and explore the world ahead of him. I truly alternate between the sadness of my baby being all grown up and the awe of what a beautiful human he has become.

I still am amazed that I was blessed with this amazing kid. He is everything I could have hoped for and more.

So in honor of my son growing up I put together a list of songs all about being a mother and having your child fly on their own.

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Music Monday Playlist

 Rascal Flatts ~ My wish

Elton John ~ Blessed

Lee Ann Womack ~ I Hope You Dance

Scarlett Cherry ~ Angel Feat. Alison Porter

Let’s Talk:

What song reminds you of your child or parent?



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