Easy Iced or Hot Latte #recipe #Coffee

Are you a latte lover?

I am guilty of loving my latte’s. I am however not a fan of getting dressed, driving 30 minutes and then paying big bugs to satisfy my craving.  I would much prefer to sit at home in my Mickey PJ’s and sip my iced or hot latte at home.  Well, thanks to International Delight my wish has come true.


Disclaimer: I received one or more items free from Crowdtap. However, all opinions are 1005 Mine.

Easy Latte

with the one touch nozzle, I can now turn my iced or hot coffee into a delicious latte without a huge price tag or get dressed.  Plus there are three different flavors so I won’t get bored.  found in the dairy section you can have a fancy drink without the fancy price.

okay, I know what you are thinking she is only saying this stuff because she got one for free.  Not true I was very skeptical that a bottle of sweet cream foam could keep up with the coffee houses but I was wrong.  After my first sip, I was hooked on the sweet smooth taste of this latte maker. Plus it’s easy to use which is good because I don’t like complicated.


Hot Latte Recipe

  • Brew coffee
  • Add sweetener or not
  • Use one touch  international Delight


Iced Latte Recipe

  • Place ice in glass
  • Pour coffee over ice
  • add sweetener or not
  • Add one touch International Delights

Tip 1: freeze leftover coffee into ice cubes to be used. This keeps your iced coffee or other coffee drinks from becoming watered down.

Tip 2: If you desire before adding one-touch latte you can add creamers to give it a rich texture.



Let’s Talk:

What is your favorite coffee house drink to make at home?

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  1. My husband loves lattes. I had no idea about this product or how easy it can be to surprise him at home!

  2. I love an easy recipe. I feel like I’m always strapped for time and can never catch up. This looks tasty! My favorite drink to make at home is hot tea!

  3. I’m fueled by coffee every day of the week. I love how easy it is to make your favorite latte. I typically go for hot, but with summer coming up I’ll be happy to have options.

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