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Don’t you remember a simpler time?

I do. I grew up as a child of the 70’s and 80’s. It was a time before social media, the internet, and instant everything. A time when people talked and your biggest fear was being grounded and not being able to ride bikes with your friends.

As a child, I remember riding my bike to my friend’s house to see if they could play. There was no texting in my day or connecting via video games or face time.  We were lucky to have a phone in the house which of course was in the kitchen so even when you did call your friend you couldn’t hide in your room. Nope, you sat on the kitchen floor or at the table to talk. Secrets were for a sleepover or walking home from school.

Dinner was a family affair. There was no eating in your room while playing on the computer. Everyone sat at the table and because we didn’t have cell phones there were none at the table to disturb you. We talked about our day and to each other. And the food. Some of the best I remember. It didn’t come out of a microwave or from a fast food place. It was food cook from scratch with mom’s love and attention. Things like pot roast and meatloaf plus the desserts were homemade things little apple pie and cobbler.

Life, in general, was simpler. It was summer nights catching fireflies, homemade ice cream, friends sitting around a campfire built in your back yard. Life was also somehow slower and kinder.

Now its instant everything food, mail, and life seem to always be on a fast track heading somewhere.

Don’t you remember a simpler more quiet time?
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Don't you Remember



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Rebecca is a boy mom, traveler, Disney addict, chocolate lover, and tea drinker. She lives in Florida and enjoys good food, good music, and a great book. Her goal in life is to live in the moment and to always be open to new things.


  1. I feel like life was less stressful in the late 80s, early 90s. But we didn’t have all this tech. It’s “fun” navigating all of this with our kids.

    • It’s fun for sure but there are days I miss the simple things like talking on the phone with friends or writing an actual handwritten note.

  2. I can’t decide which time period I like more. I love the convenience of the technology we have now. Life did seem simpler back then tho, but I was also younger.

    • Yes don’t get me wrong I love the tech and getting things done quicker but I sometimes miss the simple things like talking on the phone or taking a walk to a friends just to say Hi.

  3. I grew up in the 70s and 80s as well…I don’t remember being as stressed as a kid as these kids are today.

    • Yes exactly now kids are expected to know what they want to be when they graduate the minute they hit middle school so they can start working towards it. When i was in school you were only concerned with getting good grads not mapping your whole future. School was the time to explore not know exactly what you wanted.

    • I guess i just fell like it was simpler but then again I did spend most of the 90’s in a hospital room so maybe I am seeing things differently.

  4. I remember anxiously awaiting our neighbors grandson to come visit so I had someone to play with! I also remember of of sleepovers. I don’t feel do these things enough, everyone is so busy. Sigh

    • yes so busy. I also think we lost the art of talking. everyone is either emailing or texting. I miss a simple phone call to say hi how you doing?

  5. I think its all about what you allow and don’t allow. I make my kids go out and play and I join them to practice what I preach. I don’t let them use the tablets and other devices until after dinner so theres no question about it during the day. Also we eat as a family at the dinner table ever. single. day. no ifs ands or buts.

    • i like that. We try to do the family dinner thing but with son’s band schedule it doesn’t always work out. Especially during football season when he doesn’t even come home from school on Friday night. That said we make it a point to have Sunday dinner together as a family with no devices of any kind. I even told his teachers that if they text or email him during this time he will not respond till after we are done eating.

  6. I loved growing up in the late 80’s/early 90’s, and I still make my kids play outside for at least an hour a day if the weather’s nice as it’s something I was always made to do. Some mums think I’m terrible for it, but I like them to do other things as well as all the tech stuff 🙂

    Louise x

    • Yes exactly. I feel blessed that my son isn’t huge on the tech realm. He loves tech and wants to be an engineer but her prefers to be outside or interacting with his pets.

  7. I remember, and I have been fighting like mad to get back to simpler times like that.
    The distractions of this time aren’t the healthiest so I have walked away from the things that leave me feeling empty stealing my joy and my time.

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