6 Tips for Traveling with Teens #TravelTuesday

Traveling with Teens can be lots of fun. It can also be challenging in its own way.

As a mom, I travel a lot with my teenage son. We are partners in exploration. Like me, he loves to see and try news things. However, with traveling, there are always minor setbacks and things we can improve on.

After all, no trip is without its twist and turns and being ready is half the battle. With summer knocking on our door I wanted to share a few tips for helping to overcome some travel challenges.

Tips for Traveling With Teens

  1. Get Teens Involved ~ Ask them where they’d like to go – perhaps somewhere they’ve always dreamed of going.
  2. Portable Chargers ~  Even though we live in a very technology advanced world where electrical outlets and charging stations can be found most anywhere, you will find yourself at some point in that one remote place. You know what I
    mean where your child’s iPod or a handheld game will run out of battery juice and need to be recharged. You look around and nothing no way of charging this is when you’ll be glad for that portable charger, crisis averted.
  3. Snacks ~ I know you would expect this for small ones but trust me teenagers eat and they eat a lot. So easy portable snacks like crackers, dried fruit, and/or popcorn are all good choices.
  4. First Aid Kit ~  Now I’m not talking big carry on first aid kit. I’m talking a Ziploc bag with band aids, wet wipes, single dose pain relief, and hand sanitizer. A simple little kit you can drop in your bag to have for those minor bumps and bruises.
  5. A Change of Clothes ~ This is something we learned the hard way on a trip to an aquarium. Teenagers while trying anything most times including petting a dolphin which can lead to anything happening such as becoming soaked from a very happy sea creature. So a change of clothes is a great thing to have for a quick change when the unexpected happens.
  6. Flexibility ~  When traveling anything can happen from layovers to shows being canceled, even to your child deciding they want to do something completely different from what was planned. So being flexible not only makes for a great
    adventure and seeing something unplanned, but it can lead to you and you child making memories you never thought you would. Plus a little flexibility can keep from any major meltdowns.

Let’s Talk:

What is one of your travel tips?

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  1. I love the portable battery pack idea. They’ve really come down in price. Also, a change of clothing! Never leave home without them. Petting dolphins – or spilling ice cream – and no teen is happy running around looking less than perfect.

  2. Encouraging teens to take part in the travel plans is a great idea. If they feel more part of it, they are more likely to enjoy it. Nothing ruins a fabulous vacation faster than pouty kids.

  3. This are great trips. We are going on a road trip to Disney World this summer and I have been getting ideas from teens of different places they want to stop at on the way there.

  4. These are really great tips! I really like your tip on portable chargers. These are so convenient. And you’re right, they solve the problem right away.

  5. These are all good tips. Sometimes traveling with teens can be even more challenging than traveling with little kids! Portable chargers are a must!

  6. These are all great tips! Normally we include the entire family in our travel plans so they all can be involved. Also give them a camera so they can snap pictures to remember the trip by!!

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