We Are Family #BehindTheBlogger

We are family, isn’t just a song from 1979 by Sister Sledge but it is also how we define people close to us.  A family is people who we hold close. Whether they are born into the bloodline or chosen, a family is important. For me, the family is complicated as mine is made up of many different parts.

we are family

We Are Family

My family began when I was born to my parents and an older brother.  It was a simple time and things looked good to the outside world but inside the story was different. Born to a guy who didn’t want children and who was abusive my mother soon leave and with it, my family would change.

In ’72 my mom would meet someone who I would eventually call dad. In ’77 they would marry and give me a step-brother and soon after 2 half brothers.

Fast forward 15 years and my parents would adopt 2 more boys giving me another pair of brothers. Bringing the total to 6 brothers.

The funny part of this is that the outside world wants to assign titles of step, half and adaptive. Though we may not share a 100% DNA match they are my family, my brothers. Yes, they are loud, intrusive and even sometimes annoying but they are family. Which goes back to the whole idea that family doesn’t’ have to be blood they can be

Which goes back to the whole idea that family doesn’t have to be blood they can be chosen.  It can be a chosen child or a friend who is like a sister/brother.

Let’s talk:

Who do you call family?



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  1. Wow 6 brothers. I agree family isn’t DNA, family is love. Family is acceptance. Family is family. God puts people in our lives for a reason. Hugs to you my friend!

  2. That’s the difference between family and relatives. Just because someone is related to you, doesn’t mean they act like family.

  3. Six brothers- that’s amazing! I had family all over the world as a child and my parents managed to forge an extended family with a few wonderful close friends. It was a special way to grow up.

  4. You have a huge a family and that is awesome to be able to have so many people to turn to and who will have your back. I totally love that sister Sledge song by the way. I just recently added it to my repertoire.

  5. This is a post I can totally relate to Rebecca. My children are technically half brother and sister, but they always say ‘My brother’ or ‘My sister’ when talking about each other. I don’t think it matters what you call each other as long as you love each other and are happy. And these two certainly love each other <3

    Louise x

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