Reasons You Should Get The New My Disney Experience app

As a Disney mom, the My Disney Experience app is my best friend.  It makes getting around the park, making a dinner reservation and so much more a breeze. For me, that is the best thing. When I’m at Disney I don’t want to be running around trying to remember times of fast passes or reservation.  Not to mention if you know me you know I have no sense of directions so it is a tradition that I always get lost in one of the parks no matter how many times I go.

Recently Disney launched a new My Disney Experience app. It now includes navigation and so much more. this means I no longer need to be that crazy woman standing in the middle of the park trying to figure out which way to turn.

My Disney Experience app

Reasons You Should Have My Disney Experience App

It’s Free ~ Yes it’s free to download. From either the apple Store or Google Play you can get free for your smartphone.

One place for everything ~  With the app, everything you need is in one place.  Fastpasses, wait times, reservations and more.  You can also see character meeting spots and show times.

Navigation ~  The new My Disney Experience mobile app opens right to the park maps to help you find rides, restaurants, restrooms and so much more. It makes navigating through the parks easier. Plus there is a new section called “Spotlight”  it highlights new park experiences and entertainment so you never miss out on new things.

Resort help ~ The new app works at Disney resorts. When you stay on property you will be able to use the new feature called “My Resort Dashboard,” which gives you access to all your resort reservation details in one place, including the ability to see room number, theme, building and floor once you have your room assignment. “My Resort Dashboard” even gives you directions to your resort using Disney transportation options, a map showing you the location of your room and a link to directly call the Resort Front Desk if you need further assistance during your stay.

My Disney Experience app

Bonus Feature ~  For guests like me who want to see other Disney Parks around the world, the new My Disney Experience app now features the same look and feel as the other park apps, making the mobile experience easy to use across the world.


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My Disney Experience app

Let’s Talk:

Do you have the Disney App? What feature do you like the most?


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  1. I’ve never heard of this app but I love the features! Especially the Fastpass return times. When we used to have Disneyland passes, remembering the return time for our Fastpass was always stressful because I didn’t want to miss our ride, so I like that this app keeps track of it for you.

  2. Ahh, I had that app on my iphone but until we have dates planned for our next trip I am not adding it to my samsung. “Don’t poke the bear” right! LOL!! This app was a life saver every time we visit the park. Love that they show the wait times for our favourite rides..then we know if we have time to check out a different ride on the way. 😉

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