Music Monday – Dancing with The Shadows #Music

Music Monday

Hello and welcome to another edition of Music Monday. Today we are heading back in time to the 80’s to enjoy a little music from my teen years. So grab your dancing shoes, grab some shoulder pads and big hair and let’s get this party started.

Music Monday Playlist

 Shadows of the Night ` Pat Benatar

Ain’t Nobody ~ Chaka Khan

Angel of the Morning ~ Juice Newton

She Blinded Me With Science ~ Thomas Dolby


Let’s Talk;

Who are you listening to this week?

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    • Yep, Jazz appreciation month is the best. My son is so excited about this as he plays in the Jazz band. Plus Blinded me with Science was one of my favorite songs.

  1. OMG- I love She Blinded Me Science! These are all great picks and remind me of some great times that I had in my life!

  2. These bring back so many great memories! The ’80s were a very recognizable musical era! I loved Pat Benatar!

  3. These are great songs! I just went through a phase of listening to older songs, not heard on the typical radio a lot anymore. The 80’s and 90’s had such fun music, I was enjoying them all!

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