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Music Monday is here and today we are taking it back to broadway baby. Last week you might remember I mention that I should do a playlist with songs from great musicals. Well, this weekend I was watching My Fair Lady and it had me singing show tunes in my head all weekend from various musicals.  So I  thought why not create a playlist.

My iPod now has a playlist of some of my favorite songs from shows and it is so fun to walk while listening to some of them. I admit some are very catchy.  Hence today we are going to the theater to enjoy some musicals. By the way, if one of your favorites is missing feel free to leave a comment telling me your favorite song from broadway.

Broadway Playlist

 My Fairy Lady ~ Wouldn’t It Be Lovely

Sweeney Todd ~ Have A Little Priest

Chicago ~ Cell Block Tango

Sound of Music ~ My Favorite Things

Let’s Talk;

What is your favorite song from a musical? Do you enjoy musical theater?




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  1. That is a terrific list. I am also a big fan of Rent and Wicked. Almost anything from either of those shows has my foot tapping. From an older show, I also love Chorus Line.

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