Spring For Paypal Cash #Giveaway

Spring is in the air so why not celebrate with an extra PayPal cash in your pocket. After all spring means sandals and summer dresses or in our house it mean water balloons. Either way having wee bit more cash in hand is always good. Plus if it’s free money why not take a chance and enter.

PayPal Cash

Enter to Win Paypal Cash

To enter be 18+ and have a valid paypal account. Oh and be sure to follow all rules on entry form. entries will be verified. GOOD LUCK!!!
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Read on to learn how to win more prizes!!

paypal cash

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  1. I love that winter is done LOL that’s what I love about spring! Too bad I’ll be welcoming Spring with snow on the ground though. We live in CT and just went through a big snow storm. I can’t wait to be able to go outside and walk around the neighborhood park 😀

    • I love just being able to go outside and go for a walk everyday. No snow, no freezing ice to worry about. Just nice and calm.

  2. I love spring because I can listen to the birds sing again. We have a cardinal in our backyard that is a delight to listen to.

  3. In a complete sentence tell me one ting you love about spring.

    i like the weather,i like to get out and run,and the Masters is always something i look forward to in Spring

  4. I love spring. I love all the flowers blooming and the warmer temperatures. Everything just seems to come alive

  5. I love spring because the air seems to be so fresh and clean, when you open the windows the air just flows in smelling so good. I so love that im getting my garden ready for spring and all the great things im going to try to grow this year. The flowers are growing and People are outside more.love it

  6. My favorite thing about spring is that the first day of the new season is also my boyfriends’ and mine anniversary. 19 years today

  7. I love when the lilacs start to bloom. I remember picking them on my walks home from school to give to my mom.

  8. I use Paypal for all my online shopping. I love the protection it offers me. I would love to win some extra Paypal money.

  9. After the cold, snow, and ice of winter, I love the warmer weather, longer days, spring flowers, and all the baby animals that come with spring. We have a pond in our subdivision, and every year we get Mallard ducks and Canadian geese laying eggs (usually in bushes in people’s yards – we’ve had a number of them ourselves), so there are always ducklings and goslings around here. They are so cute!

  10. I love seeing all the trees change colors and the flowers start to bloom, the cherry trees are amazing. I love taking walks with my daughters to see all of natures beauties.

  11. I love seeing all of the beautiful flowers pop up and bloom and the warmer weather! Thanks so very much for the chance!

  12. The thing I love the most is how it is gradually becoming sunnier and the days are becoming longer! I get depressed because of the lack of daylight.

  13. One thing I love about spring is how it stays light longer. I hate coming home from work in the dark. I don’t get any outdoor time during the week.

  14. This is so awesome. I live in Georgia so during Spring here the weather is so perfect. When Summer arrives it’s way too hot for my liking so I love the perfect weather during Spring. I also love all of the beautiful flowers, trees, animals and shrubs!

  15. I love spending the spring at the park and with my kids and going to our little beach club betore they officially open cause no one goes there yet..so we get practically the entire beach/park/sprinkle set to ourselves

  16. I love that the weather is nicer and we can start doing more things outside. Thanks.

  17. I love spring because its when I plant more milkweed for the Monarch butterflies to come and lay eggs on in my yard.

  18. What I love about Spring is the newly blooming flowers and flowering trees. The warmer weather allows us to spend time outdoors in nature, which always uplifts our spirits.

  19. I love taking evening walks without having to bundle up so much and seeing my heating bill go back down.

  20. I love the wonderful outdoor smells and sights of Spring! The fresh air, filled with the scent of newly blooming flowers…the birds building their nests…all of our Lord’s gifts of nature! Thanks and God bless! ILuvTheEucharist (at) aol.com

  21. I love the weather! I live in Florida, and spring is the perfect time to be outside because it isn’t too hot yet, the humidity is low, and there are usually nice breezes.

  22. I look forward to packing away the winter jacket and being able to go to a bunch of different parks with my kids. And I look forward to being able to walk along the lakefront with the kids again.

  23. My favorite thing about spring is the ‘green’ mist that appears in the trees before the leaves really pop! 🙂

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