New Year!! New You!! Update #2

New Year

When I started this series New Year, New You at the end of last year it was to stay accountable this year for my health, finances and emotional journey.  When I checked in January things were going so, so. It’s been almost 2 months since that last update and I wanted to check in and let you know how things are going.

New Year!! New You!! Update #2


I am still keeping a journal of all things spent. This is helping me a lot to cut back on things I don’t really need. I am also still meal planning which has turned out to be a wonderful money saver. Along with meal planning, I have done more reading and learning more on how to coupon so I have managed to lower my food bill by half. Which is wonderful. I also have been trying to pay an extra 10.00 on my mortgage payment each month. I know that isn’t huge but it helps.

I also almost had my bill at the local appliance store paid off when our microwave broke. We looked into repairing it but found that repairing it would cost more than buying a new one so now that bill is back up some.

On a happier note, I did finally score 3 paying post gigs and my credit score went up 15 points so overall I am pretty happy where I am in the finance department though there is lots of room for getting better.

New Year


As for my health, I admit that isn’t going so well. I  stopped tracking which was a huge downfall. Plus I have been eating way too many desserts recently. Last week I finally got back to tracking and though I am nowhere near my weight loss goal for this year I am down 2 lbs.

On the exercise front, I have been lazy. I haven’t walked in weeks and I keep saying I am going to buy a used bike but haven’t. I really need to be working harder in this area of my life. I am hoping to invest in a Fitbit to help keep me on task and I am looking for a used 3 wheel bike to ride.

Overall this area of my life needs a lot of work starting now.

New year


I am happy to say in this area progress has been made. Limiting my contact with toxic people and making sure I don’t let me invade my space say been key.  When in contact with anyone who is negative or is constantly trying to make me feel less I simply recite “not my monkeys, not my circus”. Yes, I know silly but it allows me to keep focus and to not let them bring me down.

Along with limiting interaction with people who want to pull me down I have also started facing my truth. If you have been stopping by you may have noticed I am talking more about my journey and battle with MS. This has ben a huge thing for me and has helped with finding my center and who I am. It has also helped to lift the burn of hiding.

Overall in this area, though progress has been good I still have a long way to go to truly connect with the inner me.

Let’s Talk

How are you doing this year? Are you still working towards the goals you set at the beginning of the year?

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  1. I think that my biggest problem is my emotions. This is why I write and keep a journal. This is why I sing. I need to be more useful with my journal though. Keeping a journal of finances and health would make so much sense.

  2. I need to keep better track of my health. There are apps on my phone, so I really don’t have any excuse.

  3. Congrats on the financial accomplishments – you should be really proud of those. I’m so with you on the weight – it is a never-ending battle. The fact that you’re down 2 pounds is great! Keep going! You are inspiring me to do the same!

  4. Congrats on the jobs! That is so exciting! Meal Planning and coupling is what helps me keep our grocery budget down. 2lbs might not seem like a lot but it’s still something. I know you will continue to rock the rest of this year. Hugs!

  5. Losing 2 pounds is still awesome! It’s progress. It’s such a challenge for me to lose weight, I should probably keep better track of my health though too. And limiting the toxic, negative people in my life has been the best decision yet!

    • I am learning that with less contact with negative people the happier I am and the more confidence I have. plus yes very happy with being 2lbs lighter it is giving the motivation to keep moving forward.

  6. You are doing great! Finances have been an important topic for us this year too. We’re trying to pay down our mortgage too and you’re right, every little bit helps. I always try to add a little extra too, even if just a few dollars. It adds up before you know it!

  7. Rebecca I’m so happy to hear your year is going well so far meeting your financial and health goals are especially inspiring. My year is going well so far too. I feel so blessed. Let’s keep it up!

  8. I need to do more to get our family spending on track – but it’s hard when not everyone willingly gets on board. As far as the weight loss goes – you are two pounds down. That may not be where you want to be – but it’s closer than you were! You got this!

    • Thank you for the support. I am always encouraged by your words. As for the spending, it takes a lot. I actually give my husband a weekly allowance and so all the rest of the budgeting. It is working for us.

    • Always. I am learning and have learned you can only go forward. If you keep looking back you’ll miss what’s in front of you. Thanks for the amazing support.

  9. It’s good that you’re keeping track of your progress in all of these different ways. Documenting these things and holding yourself accountable should help on your journey!

  10. Good for you! You are making great strides- new business, food tracking, weight loss, and getting rid of toxic people! I am so proud of your goal setting and reaching – keep it up!

  11. Being honest and objective with your goals is so important for making changes. Once the weather turns nicer I know I’ll want to get out and be more active. It’s hard with this extra dose of cold!

  12. It’s good that you keep tabs on your goals and you take stock in your accomplishments and set backs. Keeping toxic people out of your life allows everything else to fall into place. I’m a big believer in energy shifts!

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